Celebrate the gift of your existence.
Make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Free your true Self from fear and limitation.

Why a private membership club? Not everyone wants mankind to be free.
A private membership club is the safest container for our offers of knowledge, guidance, and community.

The Invitation

Post-modern society has programmed us to fear death and worship money.

Society is based on an unconscious belief: there is no God, but if there is, He created the world and then withdrew his power. God has left us alone to stumble around in the dark waiting for death. We are powerless meat sacks.

Slick advertising and propaganda programmed us with a story of lack and limitation. We try to escape this false fear of lack and death by consuming our way to happiness. And we destroy life on this planet in that endless, hopeless pursuit.

Caprice points to the Truth: God lives within you as the awareness ‘I AM’. Awareness is the only reality. Rest in your eternal, infinite, impersonal awareness and experience no lack or death. You, awareness, are One with all. You are not alone. You are allone.

We are at a crossroads for humanity. Do we follow the path of unconditional love or fear?

3 Steps to Create a Life you Love…

Realization: Relax in the Knowing of What you Truly Are

We realize that we are each unique expressions of God. There is a divine light within each of us. Our life force energy is divine. This is the creative spark from which all of our ideas and creations flow.

We realize that the collective belief in a fixed material world with separate people is an illusion. If you have already realized this truth, then move onto coherence. If not, start here. This is an understanding that must be shared freely. Deprogram Your Soul is an 8-week online self-paced course that guides you on this journey.

Coherence: Align Your Life & Livelihood with What You Truly Are

You live in coherence when your life and livelihood flows from your infinite impersonal loving being. Deprogram Your Soul is a self-paced online course that guides you to take back your power and disconnect from an upside down society.

We choose to use our gifts, talents, time, money, and energy to make a meaningful contribution. One fun and easy path to crafting a livelihood is The Perfect Livelihood Incubator. We are being called to do right work as good stewards of this earth so that all life can thrive. We must harness technology to support the integrity of nature, not exploit nature.

Intentional Action: Build a Life of Freedom & Joy

Every man and woman takes intentional action to craft a livelihood and free life in the private sphere, with God as our only authority.

We do not consent to the current slavery system. We do not fund the multinational banks and corporations that are building our digital prison. We don’t purchase their products. We don’t invest in their stock. We don’t work for their companies. We simply say no.

We build an alternative economy while we starve the corrupt economy. Our cooperative network of right work ventures will out-compete the competitive model, leading to an exodus out of the current toxic, exploitative economy.

To access all courses and knowledge,
join our free private membership club

The powers that ought-not-be don’t want you to be free.

So, we put everything into a free private membership network.

Read the Agreement and Laws of the Club before you join. It’s about freedom and responsibility.

Why a private membership club? Not everyone wants mankind to be free.
A private membership club is the safest container for our offers of knowledge, guidance, and community.

What We Offer Members

Free Knowledge

Realize your true nature

Dissolve all fear, worry, self-doubt, loneliness

Understand the legal society and how to set the law to govern your life

Self-Study Courses

Deprogram Your Soul corrects and misunderstandings about who you are, how you’ve been enslaved, and how to break free – psychologically, legally, financially, and creatively.

The Perfect Livelihood Incubator is a self-study course that dissolves fear and self-doubt, keeps you in action, and moves you every day closer to your goal. It is not necessary to have a complicated, lengthy plan. In fact, that will keep you distracted and not in action.

Instead of Schooling takes the wisdom from the book of the same name and guides you to home educate your children in a loving way that grows their full potential.

1:1 Mentorship

Get free from negative beliefs and societal programming

Discover your perfect livelihood

Create a joyful action plan. You cannot fail.

Just Get Started

Once you commit to shifting your self identity and dissolve limiting beliefs, you will have the power, wisdom, and creativity of God working through you.

We created Deprogram Your Soul and The Perfect Livelihood Incubator to make getting started easy and fun. When you start with the inner work of creativity, your path becomes clear and the action steps flow effortlessly.

When you craft your life and livelihood without fear or self-doubt, your life becomes unrecognizable from the past. When you focus on giving to the world rather than boosting your ego, you stay inspired and focused.

Start with: Deprogram Your Soul online course

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