Overcoming trauma, anxiety, loneliness, and depression

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Caprice Thorsen

Life is a full contact sport and we all have challenges. Most of the time we bounce back. But sometimes, we feel like we cannot cope with what life is dishing out.

My name is Caprice Thorsen and I’d like to share with you what anxiety and depression really are and where to look for the solution.

From a “broken vessel” to thriving after getting out of a psychologically abusive marriage, the principles that I share in the free video Unbreakable, will give you hope and fresh start.

You will see how to tap into the invisible well being that is always inside of you — no matter what is going on. When you change your relationship to your thinking, your problems evaporate.

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If positive thinking, affirmations, and will power worked, then we’d all be happy campers. But many of us are not. Watch Unbreakable to learn a much simpler path to happiness.

You cannot enjoy life when you’re looking at the world through a dark lens. Our view of the world and ourselves is filtered by fearful thinking.

It’s like looking at the world with fun house mirrors.  Or being trapped in a haunted house with no escape.

If you think your circumstances need to change before you can be happy, then this video will help. If you think you need to be fixed, watch the video. I promise you will be transformed.

Anxiety, stress, fear, depression, and fatigue are at an all time high. We keep trying self-help techniques, goal setting, and therapy innocently believing that, if we could only fix ourselves, we would be happy and content. It doesn’t work that way. 

Life is too short to feel anxious, worried, fearful, or depressed.
Learn how to relax into your natural state of happiness, peace, and contentment.