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Claim Your Power & Well-Being

Step 1
Assess Your Goals

What are your top priorities? What have you tried to achieve these? What do you think is blocking your success? Together, we unpack your story, beliefs, and artificial limitations.

Step 2
Do a Shadow Inventory

Who is running the show in your life? Your True Self or your egoic shadow self? We look at all areas of your life to figure this out and create a precise action plan.

Step 3
Obliterate Shadow Self

Your belief that you are just your body creates most of the suffering in the world. We will engage in powerful meditations and converations to connect you to your True unlimited Self.

Step 4
Take Precise Actions

Once you obliterate your shadows and learn to manage your personality traits, you become a magnet for all good things & success.

The Process

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  3. Choose  a Coaching Plan that best meets your needs and goals and complete a Client Profile.
  4. Get ready to claim your full power and repel losers, abusers, and the Dark Triad. 

Before we continue there are a few things you need to know.

I help people completely upgrade their mental, emotional, and spiritual operating systems. Their old lives become unrecognizable. This takes courage, commitment, and trust.

We will take an inventory of your True Self and your egoic shadow self. This journey is not for everyone. I will ask you to step outside of your comfort zone and obliterate your ego so that your True Self is running the show.

I want to know why you want to take this journey, why you want me to be your guide, and why now?

Answer the questions below to help me get to know you better.  Your answers will tell me if you are ready for this journey. If so, I will invite you to a call and, if we are a good fit, I will expect payment during that call.