Caprice helps people be themselves fearlessly and reach their full potential without stress, anxiety, or self doubt. Caprice has an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon and has worked with leaders and teams from Fortune 50, mid-sized, and startup companies. She has home educated her children for 17 years. Caprice has been a certified Professional Coach since 2000. 

Learn to Flow with Life

Your design is absolutely perfect and beautiful. When you understand that you are not a small, separate being that needs to struggle and strive to achieve well-being, life gets a whole lot easier. You can hop off the self-improvement treadmill. There is nothing to improve. You are already perfect. 

I only work with 10 coaching clients at a time and do a free session to make sure that we will enjoy working together. 


Coaching conversations about Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Life,  Homeschooling, and Raising Resilient Kids…
Or whatever is on your mind.

Watch Growing Your Business in Times of Uncertainty: Webinar for the Don Ryan Center for Innovation – September 2020

Schedule a Life Coaching or Leadership Coaching Session

We all want to reach our full potential. We are afraid we will die with our music still inside. So we strive, struggle, work hard, compete. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t.

When most of us have a problem, we double down and try and analyze the situation. We gather and process more information and try to think our way to a solution. This never works. It just creates tremendous stress and frustration.

When we understand how our minds work and where creativity and fresh ideas come from, we can relax and use the creative power of thought to guide us to new solutions.

You have a genius intelligence within you that will guide you through life when you learn how to connect with it. Then you will experience peace of mind no matter what is going on in your life. Request initial coaching session here

In this session we will:

> Explore who you really are and who you would be without your stories.

> Uncover energy zappers that you may not know are draining you.

> Create a new relationship with your thinking to embrace your current life.

To schedule this session, please go to this short questionnaire.