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Every wonder why life seems so hard?

What if I told you that, once you learn how your mind really operates, life will become easy and joyful?

I spent most of my life believing that my experiences determined my emotions and mood. I was taught to believe every thought that popped into my head. I was conditioned by society to look outside of myself for peace, joy, and love.

I became a Certified Coach in 2000 and helped my clients discover work that brought them joy and have better relationships. Yet, I was still stressed, insecure, unhappy. A traumatic divorce in 2015 helped me to realize that I was missing something.

Then I was introduced to the Three Principles and the work of Sydney Banks and my mind became clear. It was the Missing Link that I had been searching for. I have now dedicated my life work to guiding others to the Three Principles so that they too can experience who they really are: pure love, peace, and joy.
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