About Caprice

I have always been a seeker of the truth. Yet truth can be illusive when we are paying attention to every thought that pops into our head.

I invite you to put your own well being at the center of your life and decide that you truly want peace of mind. When you do, you will be amazed at the people and resources that show up to guide you to love, joy, and peace.

I would be honored to guide you to the Three Principles, discovered by Sydney Banks.

When I am feeling self-doubt, anxiety, or fear, I realize that I have done one of two things:

  1. Gotten caught in my faulty human operating system and given life to negative thoughts.
  2. Taken on a job that is better done by my Mind (universal intelligence, God, choose your name).
My education:
  • Carnegie Mellon University (MBA in finance)
  • Newfield Network (CPPM, Certificate in Personal and Professional)
  • University of Virginia (BA, Anthropology and International Relations)
Ventures I’ve started and contributed to:

I’ve started a lot of companies and alternative education programs. I’ve learned as much or more from the ventures that didn’t succeed.

  • Joyful Action Media – creating social mobile games to empower young people to form healthy relationships
  • Big Life path – helping teens and young people launch projects that turn into careers.
  • Alma Education International, created an online course on Self-Directed Learning, 2017.
  • Business strategy advisory and leadership coaching: 1999 – present
  • Executive with SelfDesign Learning Foundation, 2008-17
    • Created K-12 distance learning programs, parent learning circles and coaching program for self-directed learners.
    • Designed two charter schools in California, 2012-13. Received grants of $500,000. (I couldn’t get them authorized, and that is a story that shows how difficult it is to innovate in the school system that is held hostage to textbook publishers and high stakes testing.)
  • Raindancers, a self directed learning center in Ojai, CA, 2012
  • Katuah Sudbury school, in Asheville, NC, 2005-07
  • Boomerang, an online grocery company, 1996-98
I’ve been a solopreneur and freelancer since 1999. Before that, I held a few jobs:
  • Project Manager at MarketBridge
  • Associate at Dean & Company Strategy Consultants
  • Staff of two US Senators: H. John Heinz and Bob Dole