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Are University Rankings Real?

I don’t think university rankings are real. I think they can be purchased.

Please help me to identify great colleges and universities. I cannot find many. My youngest daughter is keen to get the iconic college experience – a beautiful campus with inspiring architecture, professors who truly care about their students, lively debates about important ideas, amazing new friends, and gaining skills to build a career in writing, acting, editing, and other creative pursuits. 

What an amazing romantic vision. Straight from the advertising department of the 21st century university. But is a great university just a unicorn in 2023? Does it actually exist?

The past few years have been epic as I learned that almost everything I was taught in school (K-12, college, and grad school) was false. This includes history, economics, science, cosmology, and how the body works. Just read the book Beyond Biocentrismby Robert Lanza and Bob Berman to challenge your notions of time, space, consciousness, perception, life, and death. I don’t want to invest money for my daughter to be fed the same nonsense that keeps empire in place regurgitating the war paradigm. 

So help me find a great college that will fulfill her vision for a great education. Below are some of the problems that I witness at 99% of the higher ed institutions. 

Toxic Environments Not Discussed in College Rankings

Here are some facts that university rankings don’t share. Institutions of “higher education” breed toxic environments where:

How can young men and women learn and grow in this toxic environment? Why aren’t administrations taking these issues seriously? They cannot be because these problems not only persist, they get worse. 

University Rankings Don’t Include a Bodily Autonomy Score

I respect a man or woman’s choice to follow their own path for health and healing. My body my choice. Isn’t it sad that so many state governments and colleges do not respect bodily autonomy? When you dig deep into the mythology of virology, then all of these crazy profit-driven mandates make no sense (except to the profiteers). No College Mandates is a website where you can look up how colleges fare in this department. Just be aware that even if they don’t mandate a medical intervention, they may use contract tracing apps like a friend’s daughter experienced at the University of South Carolina.

Bad Science

What makes us sick? I was raised by an MD and a RN, so I am well versed in the medical establishment. I recently shared some research with my father, a retired Gastroenterologist, about virology and the fact that there is no evidence that a virus has ever been properly isolated. He looked over all of the scientific research, assured me that it was sound and then asked, “Okay. No viruses. Then what makes people sick?” 

Lots of things make people sick but not invisible viruses that can be transmitted between people. I think stress is a big killer. College is stressful for most young people. They are worried about student loan debt, getting a good job, and just surviving college. 

Low voltage contributes to illness since we are vibrational energetic beings. To up your voltage, Dr. Tennant writes that we need barefoot time in nature, sunshine, clean water, good fats (mainly from unvaxxed pastured animals), raw milk, and a toxic-free lifestyle. Do you think college students are in a high voltage environment? 

There are only a few colleges that don’t mandate the recent human experiment. If you dig into that list, you will notice that many of these still mandate other medical interventions. Others require masks that don’t do anything, quarantines of the healthy, contract tracing and other nonsense. 

I don’t think it is reasonable to require healthy young men and women to trade bodily autonomy for the promise of a good job in the future. Especially when 70% of college graduates from half of the colleges make less than high school graduates ($28,000). 

Cost of College up 1,428% since 1977

Why is college so expensive? Bloated bureaucracies. It is not because they hired more professors. They’ve done the opposite. They’ve increased the number of adjunct professors – who are independent contractors paid hourly or per class with no benefits. I had some great adjunct professors are Carnegie Mellon, so I’m not saying that they are terrible, but they are definitely less expensive than tenured professors. Country club like pools and fitness centers also contribute to the cost of college. As do overpriced meal plans and hidden fees. 

Bryan Caplan, an economist at George Mason University, wrote an excellent book, The Case Against Education. In it, he states that a college degree is just virtue signaling showing future employers you are willing to jump through hoops. If a college education was inherently valuable, then having 3 years of it would almost as valuable as 4 years. But it is only valuable if you get the piece of paper. Caplan also shows that 36% of college graduates had no cognitive gains after 4 years of college. Let that sink in. 

University Rankings Don’t Tell You About Falsified Curriculum

Remember that the victors always rewrite history in their favor. How much of the history we are taught in school is accurate? Not much. As I share in my book, Healing from School, in the 1920s, the Guggenheim Foundation agreed to award fellowships to historians recommended by the Carnegie Endowment. These 20 academics were selected and trained to write history books that promoted collectivism and humanism. These newly minted “historians” then formed the American Historical Association. 

The mythologized history we are fed in school is highly biased towards a utopian future where the mass of people is controlled by a ruling elite. We are taught that collectivism and humanism (as a replacement for individual creativity and God) are good for humanity.

The Doublespeak of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

While many good people can be convinced that diversity, equity, and inclusion are noble goals for society and higher education, the roots of this DEI movement are in Marxism. Remember with doublespeak words have their opposite meaning. 

Equity is an expansion of socialism/communism which has been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people. Equity is “an administered political economy in which shares are adjusted so that citizens are made equal”. Here is how I explain socialism (a.k.a. equity) in my book. Imagine you are in a college class. The professor announces that everyone will get a C no matter the level of initiative or hard work you invest in the class. Who is going to do anything? Nobody. 

Diversity really means conformity of thinking. Inclusion means forced diversity (conformity). Equity is rebranded Marxism. Diversity officers are rebranded commissars like the ones who enforced communism. Inclusion really means exclusion of any idea or belief that goes against socialism. 

Where Can We Find Open Discourse and Debate? 

My daughter loves to have deep conversations and debate. She thinks she will find free thinking, open minded professors to expand her mind. I want this for her as well. As conversations in the classroom are being monitored and shut down by cadres of DEI officers, is there a place for socratic discussions?

Could open debate happen at a conservative Christian college that offers classical education? Or will there be a different kind of programming? I have a deep and personal relationship with God but it doesn’t necessarily adhere to Christian dogma. Couldn’t young people read the Great Books on their own and join one of the many online discussion groups for a fraction of the cost of college?

Is there a university for free thinkers, creators, and builders? We need young people to challenge the dominant narrative and build a world based on truth, beauty, and goodness. Don’t trust the university rankings, they can be purchased from magazines and websites.

Contact me if you know of any great colleges or universities with amazing writing programs and perhaps a Great Books curriculum.

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