Why I had to Turn Away $500,000 in Federal Grants

Ten years into my journey of education entrepreneurship, I had to give back half a million dollars. You can skip to that part, or see how I got there… Here was the nail that sealed the coffin on the two charter schools that I was developing for SelfDesign Learning Foundation: “On the one hand, you …

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Educating for Success in Life Not School

If you clearly understood the difference between learning, education, and schooling, would you make different choices for yourself and your children?

Since 1852, when Massachusetts passed the first Compulsory Education Law based upon the Prussian model, learning has been taken from the realm of natural human experience and replaced by schooling. It is time to re-claim or natural birthright: learning.

Schooling: An Outdated Design

Many things that were invented in the 1800s continue to be extremely useful: battery, electric light, bicycle, safety pin, revolver, machine gun, dynamite, and the zipper among many things. Others are outmoded and have been replaced: phonograph, typewriter, facsimile machine. The school system which was institutionalized in 1837 remains unchanged.