Next Phase Business Strategy Mentoring

Too much time, energy, and money is invested in crafting sophisticated, quantitative business strategies that cannot be implemented.

The best business strategy will come from your strategic intuition

I help spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders, and creative geniuses develop and trust their strategic intuition and shift to an opportunity seeking mindset.

Learn to craft a business strategy that is simple, actionable, and compelling. Create a marketing strategy that will be fun to implement. Re-invent your business strategy development. Stop wasting time on sophisticated strategies that you cannot implement. Email Caprice to learn more. 

Build a team of rockstar strategists

Choose a business strategy development process that upskills your entire team. The result will be stronger strategic intuition, clarity of vision, and an action plan that is realistic and achievable.  Ongoing individual and team coaching assures that plans are clearly communicated, mission and vision is embraced by all team members, and milestones are met.  Schedule a call for an initial consultation. 

What Others are Saying

Thank you for your excellent work in helping us to realign MarketBridge to meet our growth objectives. We achieved an annual growth rate of 38% since you completed the State of the Firm and Visioning Work.
TIm Furey
Your flexibility, patience, and persistence helped us create a program that fits both the functional needs of The Newfield Network and the mood and philosophy of our unique organization. Your new eyes helped us to see opportunities and frame business challenges in an innovative way. You have the unique ability to understand both the strategic, financial side of business and the human side of business.
Terrie Lupberger
Thank you for facilitating Integrated Change Strategies' strategic planning retreat. Since most of the participants in ICS are trained facilitators, we are not an easy group to lead or facilitate. You managed the group and the task incredibly well. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of your work and will recommend you to other companies looking for group coaching and facilitation.
Eda Crosby