Meet Caprice

I wished 20 years ago that I knew about dark personality disorders and how these nefarious characters target women with elevated personality traits.

I am extremely agreeable and conscientious – great traits if you are in a relationship with a normal individual. Dangerous in the hands of a dark personality. 

If you want to date safely and with confidence, advance your career or build your business without being targeted by dark personalities, I am the coach for you. 

I’ve been a certified coach since 2000 and am know an expert in Personality Science, Dark Personalities, and Shadow Alchemy. 

Since 1 out of every 5 people has a dark personality disorder, you owe it to yourself to discover if you have elevated personality traits that make you a likely target of these dark predators. They are sicker than you are smart. 

If you are feeling stuck, confused, or uninspired, it’s time to speak and live your truth. What do you value? What do you love? Do you truly value and love your career or business? Are you saying HELL YES to everything in your life? 

It’s time to replace your operating system and re-align your energy systems. You have been programmed with survival consciousness. Our entire society is run by it. You cannot realize your dreams or magnetize miracles when you are operating at this level. 

I coach women leaders and entrepreneurs and teach them to identify and repel dark personalities so they can excel and date safely.  

Before I started my own coaching and consulting practice, I worked for two boutique consulting firms, got an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon, worked for two U.S. Senators, and started a digital service company.  I am also a mother of two teenage daughters and an advocate for self-directed learning.

Interested in  taking your success and money mastery to the next level? Fill out an application for a free consultation. 

Caprice Thorsen strategy consultant

Caprice Thorsen

Past clients include individuals and teams from IBM, Xerox, AT&T, Marriott, Ford Motor Company, University of California, Market-Bridge, Awakening Wisdom, and Alma Education International. For these clients, Caprice has delivered 1:1 coaching, group coaching, strategy retreats, visioning workshops, organizational assessments, and culture shifts.


What Others are Saying

Powerful! What a gift Caprice’s coaching is. Her experience in the corporate world is invaluable - she is a great sounding board for tough business challenges.​
Freeman Louis Sands​
Caprice's guidance provided the boost I needed to 'walk taller', with more confidence in myself. Thank you Caprice!​
Gerry Wendel Testimonial
Gerry Wendel
Her style is such that she can expertly pull out of you the answers and path that are true for you and your situation. ​
Sorel Norlin Testimonial
Sorel Norlin
“Thank you for facilitating our strategic planning retreat. Since most of the participants are trained facilitators, we are not an easy group to lead or facilitate. You managed the group and the task incredibly well. You also created a safe environment and encouraged each participant to air concerns that might have turned into stumbling blocks in the next few months if they had not been addressed.” - President & Principal Consultant, former client.
Eda Crosby
President, Integrated Change Strategies
Caprice is a delight to work with and is continually positive, proactive, and delivers high-quality results on time and in the stated budget. Her leadership style is collaborative and inclusive, bringing out the best in all team members. She challenges and supports team members to continually learn, grow, and exceed their own personal expectations.
Amber Papou
Executive Director, SelfDesign
I'm writing to express my gratitude for your work designing and launching Newfield Network's Executive Coaching program. Due to your efforts, we were able to launch the program two months earlier than planned at a much lower cost than initially anticipated.
Terrie Lupberger
Former President, Newfield Network
Caprice handled extremely sensitive concerns with discretion and good judgment. Her ability to frame and quantify complex issues helped us to put together a plan that was both simple and actionable. She did a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time. She helped me to realize the importance of people and the “softer” issues of running a business. I recommend Caprice's work to other companies without hesitation.
Tim Furey
President, Market-Bridge

Business Strategy Webinar: Growing Your Business in Times of Uncertainty

for the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, September 2020