Our Shared Nightmare

Our Shared Nightmare

Let’s awaken from our shared nightmare and dream a better reality into existence. Most of my beliefs were implanted into my young self by unconscious parenting, government schooling and constant propaganda. They are not my beliefs. And they were buried in my unconscious until I became aware of them. You cannot change a belief you

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Are University Rankings Real?

university rankings

I don’t think university rankings are real. I think they can be purchased. Please help me to identify great colleges and universities. I cannot find many. My youngest daughter is keen to get the iconic college experience – a beautiful campus with inspiring architecture, professors who truly care about their students, lively debates about important

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Trust the Children

Trust the children

There were some key points that I didn’t have time to make in my interview on the SGT Report, and I want to share them here. Just in case you follow me because of my work helping entrepreneurs grow their companies and adults to free themselves pyschologically so that they thrive, my other passion is

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15 Things Schools Get Wrong

Schooling vs. Learning The basic premise in my book, Instead of Schooling, is that schooling is an industrial process that was designed to break a child’s connection to God and Divine Intelligence so that they can be controlled by the state. Men and women connect to God through supplication, intuition, their hearts and emotional compasses.

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Schooling: An Outdated Design

Many things that were invented in the 1800s continue to be extremely useful: battery, electric light, bicycle, safety pin, revolver, machine gun, dynamite, and the zipper among many things. Others are outmoded and have been replaced: phonograph, typewriter, facsimile machine. The school system which was institutionalized in 1837 remains unchanged.

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Expanding our View of Learning

Schooling is not learning. The School System is the institution that enforces the compulsory education laws of states, provinces, and countries. Schools are places where learning may or may not occur. What is Learning? Learning is often defined as a relatively lasting change in behavior that is the result of experience. Learning happens when a person

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