Humans Rising Podcast

Humans Rising Podcast

Ready for a new human story based on human wisdom, creativity, and goodness? Caprice explores how society and education is stuck in 19th Century worldviews that impede the evolution of human consciousness. She offers a view of Self and the world grounded in new scientific understandings. Relax, listen, and connect with your innate wisdom and well-being.

Homeschooling Success Story with Sage Thorsen

Caprice and Sage, her 17 year old daughter, have a powerful conversation about what it was like for Sage to learn outside of school her whole life. Caprice was invited to consult to a group of parents who are considering homeschooling next year. Hearing this, Sage offered to share her personal experience of homeschooling. Thank …

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Homeschool High School with Sora Schools

Show Overview In this episode, I speak with Sora Schools co-founder Indra Sofian about a fresh approach to homeschool high school based on extensive research on how teens really learn. Indra tells us how he and his two co-founders met at a venture capital firm while at Georgia Tech and started sharing how much each …

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Why Kids Hate School

Ever wonder why kids hate school? Kayli shares her experience of trying public school for the first time for 7th grade after self-directing her own education. Some of the insider views that Kayli shares: Most school work is boring and seems pointless. Schools still focus on memorization and cramming information into kids. Bullying is mainly …

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