The Good Life

with Isaac Morehouse founder of Praxis and Crash

The relentless pursuit of freedom In this episode, I speak with Isaac Morehouse, founder of Crash and Praxis, about his relentless pursuit of freedom. Isaac shares how Crash.Co and Praxis guide young people to make themselves the credential and by learning out loud, create value and prove it.  We talk about how the false belief …

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Finding Inner Happiness

The key to finding your inner happiness is to discover how your mind really works. We tend to feel anxiety, fear, anger, upset, and depression when the world is not meeting our expectations. Then we blame ourselves or other people. Finding inner happiness happens effortlessly when you create a new relationship with your thinking. The …

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You are Enough – The Cure for Imposter Syndrome

Schooling acts as the reproductive organ of society and reproduces its thought patterns. One of the strongest criticisms of western culture is its over-consumption and resulting environmental degradation of the planet. Schooling created this wacky consumer culture by training us to be consumers whose perceived value increases the more we consume.

How to Deal With Anxiety

When someone says something to you or an event happens and you immediately start to take offense and feel anxious or upset, do you know how to get rid of anxiety quickly? Below are 7 natural remedies for anxiety. 1. Pause You just need to pause. Do not let your lizard brain take over. Most of …

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You Are Not Special – What a Relief!

On my spiritual journey through this lifetime, I’ve come to understand that every human is unique and no human is special. Being unique and not special has set me free in so many ways! I’m excited to share this insight with you in the hopes you will find freedom and joy in it as well.