Caprice Thorsen

I offer coaching for anxiety stress and fatigue because…

You are designed to thrive

Your human systems works perfectly. When you are feeling insecure, it is because you are having insecure thoughts. When you feel anxious, you are having anxious thoughts.

Your emotions are your perfect guidance system that lets you know whne you are giving life to dis-empowering thoughts. 

But we are trained to give away our power. We are innocently told that outside events and people create our experience of life.  

You don’t need to be fixed

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, fear, or fatigue you might be feeling broken. You want peace of mind and to know that you are okay.

You just need to remember who you are and learn how your human and spiritual operating systems work. 

It doesn’t take years. You don’t need to master any techniques or spend hours meditating. You just need to be willing to open your heart and mind to a fresh understanding of life. 

My coaching addresses the real source of your anxiety, stress, fear, and fatigue. 

Never lose hope. 

Have you ever lost hope? Felt like a victim of unfair circumstances? Looked outside of yourself for answers but nothing seems to help?

Most of my clients turn to me when the psychological paradigm and self-help techniques fail them. Just like they failed me when I went through a traumatic divorce. I was instantly a single mom dealing with the wreckage and trying to get my two daughters through it in one piece. Without giving too many details, my daughters decided to take my maiden name when I changed my name.


My Credentials:

  • Carnegie Mellon University (MBA in finance)
  • Newfield Network (CPPM, Certificate in Personal and Professional)
  • University of Virginia (BA, Anthropology and International Relations)


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My Ventures & Projects:

I’ve started several companies and alternative education programs. I’ve learned as much or more from the ventures that didn’t succeed.

  • Business strategy advisor and insight coach: 1999 – present.
  • California Teachers College, Faculty & Administrative Dean. Created an online course on Self-Directed Learning.
  • Awakening Wisdom, developing mindset education and training for teachers. 
  • SelfDesign Learning Foundation: Created K-12 distance learning programs, parent learning circles and coaching program for self-directed learners.
  • Received start-up grants of $500,000 to start two K-12 self-directed learning charter schools in California.  (I couldn’t get them authorized, and that is a story that shows how difficult it is to innovate in the school system that is held hostage to textbook publishers and high stakes testing.)
  • Big Life path – online courses to help teens reverse engineer their education and launch projects that turn into careers.
  • Raindancers, a self directed learning center 
  • Katuah Sudbury school, a democratic K12 school
  • Boomerang, an online delivery company

Jobs I had before becoming an entrepreneur:

  • Project Manager at MarketBridge
  • Associate at Dean & Company Strategy Consultants
  • For two US Senators: H. John Heinz and Bob Dole
I live in South Carolina with my two self-directed teenage daughters, a pug, an italian greyhound, and a cat who’s plotting to take over the world. 

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