For female leaders and entrepreneurs:

Unlearn Impostors Syndrome

Learn to Unlock Your Power & Creativity

3 weeks of group coaching to become fearless, alive, and unstoppable. Starts Monday, September 14th 2020.

Do you ever feel like you’re the only woman who struggles with low confidence and self-doubt? 

The truth is that most women lack confidence – and a lot of it has to do with how we were raised and schooled. Schooling focuses on your weakness and forces you to compete in a meaningless academic competition. 

Join this group coaching experience to get rid of nagging self doubt and gain authentic confidence. Not the fake it to you make it stuff. True, authentic confidence and Self love.

Starts September 14, 2020

We will meet in a Zoom video session Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for three weeks at 9 am PDT/12 pm EDT.  

Price is $249 for the full program. Early bird pricing is $179 if you sign up before September 1st. 

Starts on Monday, September 14th. Questions? Email Caprice.

3 Week Coaching Program for Female Leaders

$179 if you enroll by September 1st. $249 after September 1st. 

Topics covered include: 
  1. how you innocently picked up the self-doubt virus
  2. why all women catch this virus
  3. who you really are
  4. where does true confidence comes from?
  5. how to relax into peace and security (in every moment)
  6. replace fear and anxiety with peace
  7. your real job
  8. stay in joyful action
  9. your secure Self
  10. what now?