Create 2023

Create the life you want in 2023

Am I the only one that is grateful for 2022? How is gratitude possible in this environment you ask? With every new challenge that I faced in 2022, it became an invitation to seek God’s guidance and support. I was delighted to discover untapped resources within my being.

I made some amazing new friends. My circle of influence grew. My health was stellar. I am ending 2022 stronger, healthier, happier, and more peaceful than I was at the beginning of the year. I have grown and changed in ways that I couldn’t imagine when the year began.

And yes, my heart broke more than a few times when I witnessed pure evil and so many suffering. When the world looked like it was imploding, I went deep inside my being. I healed the unhealed parts and connected with my powerful imagination, intention, and attention. This is how I create a life of peace and fulfillment. 

You create your life from the inside out

The powers that ought not be know this. Which is why they are waging a war on our minds and imaginations. If they can get us to focus on what they want us to, we will become frozen in fear and worry. If they can get us to believe their dystopian version of the future, then our shared collective belief might indeed make this nightmare a reality. 

Yes 2022 was one of humanity’s craziest years. Most of my beliefs were shattered. And I am learning to live without beliefs, strongly connected to reality. I am also detached from the political and cultural theater that the media is working so hard to convince me is real. It’s all fiction. 

What is real? You are alive. You are aware. You exist. And the part of you that is aware loves to exist. Is grateful to exist. (If this doesn’t resonate, that is your small frightened ego speaking lies to you.)

You have a soul. You have free will. 

This is an invitation for you to connect to the true source of your power: God, divine intelligence, the pre-existent One. You connect through your heart, not your intellect. 

Ask for guidance. Ask for direction. Offer your true Self as a vehicle for God’s will. 

You activate your free will by mastering your imagination, intention, and attention.

Superpowers: Imagination. Intention. Attention.

Imagine the life you want in 2023. Set your unwavering intention to make this your reality. Focus your attention only on this vision of the life you want. (Hint: It works best if you are imagining a life in service to other sentient beings.) This is the secret to creating a fulfilling life. Your three superpowers: Imagination. Intention. Attention.

To imagine a bigger house, better car, more money is not the right game. That is a small game that your limited egoic self wants. That is not the path to happiness, peace, or fulfillment. It’s a trap that society has set for you. What a waste of your imagination. 

If your imagination, intention, and attention were not so incredibly powerful, the powers that ought not be wouldn’t be working so hard to hijack these superpowers of yours. 

Open your heart. Free your mind. Imagine paradise. 

Welcome 2023 with open arms, knowing that you are a powerful creator of reality. The world needs your gifts and talents. Share them freely. Build a better world with me. 

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