Individual Coaching for Emotional Freedom

How to Live as Happiness without Sorrow no matter what is going on in your world. 

The Emotional Freedom Program is designed to create rebels…

We secretly harbor the belief that we are not enough. Fear drives us. We struggle to achieve. We hope eventually we will reach a level of success and feel okay and enough. 

It’s not your fault. You have been trained to not trust yourself, compare yourself to others, compete, fight, cheat, look out for our self, and claw your way to “the top”. 


Stop playing the game of achievement. You are already enough. You do not need to achieve or consume your way to feeling okay and enough. 

When you realize who you really are, your belief of “not enough” will fall away. Then your dreams will magically and effortlessly materialize. 

You are not a mistake. You are here for a reason. You have unique gifts that the world needs. 


  • Stop expecting other people, achievements or stuff to bring you happiness
  • Locate the source of your happiness – it is there all the time
  • Re-connect you to your intuition (Humans are designed to operate from intution not intellect)
  • Clarify your dreams and goals.
  • Create an action plan to take the perfect next step every day so that you cannot fail. When you create from happiness miracles happen. 

Caprice’s style is such that she can expertly pull out of you the answers and path that are true for you and your situation. – Sorel Norlin

Powerful conversations will open a new reality…

We are told that we can achieve or earn our way to happiness. This points us to a never-ending quest that always results in frustration and fatigue.

What if the happiness and power that you seek is who you really are?

In our coaching conversations, you will discover the thoughts and beliefs that are blocking your natural state of happiness. You have been conditioned to operate as a limited body-mind with a personality. This body-mind-persona is only a tool for you, infinite awareness, to experience this physical world and create amazing things.

Caprice’s guidance provided the boost I needed to ‘walk taller’, with more confidence in myself. Thank you Caprice! – Gerry Wendel

If you’re serious and committed to living from a place of peace and happiness – simply click the button below, give us a few details and schedule a call with me.

I look forward to increasing your happiness exponentially. 

Caprice Thorsen

P.S. You will experience less suffering after our first coaching session, so let’s connect and I will show you the direct path to happiness without sorrow.