You’ve got something that you want to create and bring into the world BEFORE you die.

Fear hounds you at every turn. You don’t think you can do it. Self-doubt sets in.  

What would it be like to create your dream fearlessly? With no stress, anxiety, or self-doubt?

FEARLESS: 90-day Coaching Program

I am not an expert on your life. You are. But you might be stuck in the paradigm of believing everything that you think and being held hostage to your past and your stories. 

You are not your stories. You are not your herstory or history. You are not your beliefs or emotions. You are not Fear. Or Anxiety. Or stress.

You are a limitless being. You can learn how to live with peace and joy while creating tremendous good for yourself and the planet.

 We are trained to react to the outside world – other people, situations, experiences. This causes anxiety and depression because we fool ourselves into thinking that the outside world creates our experiences of life. You innocently believe that, if the world matched your preferences you’d be happy. (Yep. If you could attract or manifest the perfect job, body, house, partner, etc. all of your problems would go away.)
There is another way. And when you discover it, you will wonder why you spent so many years struggling.

Let’s chat for 15 minutes to see what’s up with you. Then you decide if you want to commit to a 90 day program of transformation and freedom. 

The great news is there are no techniques to master, no exercises you need to do every day. You’ll come to see life in a new way and you will be transformed. 

Reconnect with the Joy of Being Alive

We go through life innocently relying on our human operating system. We believe that we are like a camera taking pictures of the outside world and reacting to it. This is living life from the outside in.

When we switch to our spiritual operating system, we realize that we are projectors and what we see on the outside world is a mirror of what we are projecting from the inside. This is living life from the inside out.

When you stop looking for love and security outside of yourself, you can relax into your natural state of being: love, peace, joy. Love isn’t something that you DO. Love is something that you BE.

By becoming aware of your thoughts, emotions and sensations without giving life to all of them, you become free to enjoy every moment of life.

Let worry, anxiety, stress, and depression dissolve.

About Caprice

Caprice Thorsen
  • Since 2000, I’ve been honored to guide hundreds of people to discover their inner wisdom and brilliance as a Certified Personal and Professional Coach (CPPM)
  • I’ve got mad business skills, an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon, and 3 decades as an entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and non-profit leader.
  • I’m fun to work with!
  • I guide you along a path that is right for YOU.
  • Together, we will make problems and challenges easy to handle and fun to work through.

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