What does it take to feel good?

Hint: It’s not what you think..

Life can feel like a roller coaster. Something “good” happens, you feel good. Something “bad” happens, you feel bad. Several years ago, I learned that my husband of 15 years wasn’t who I thought he was. The life I had built with him no longer made sense. I found myself a single mother with two young daughters in a new city with no support. What came next was depression, anxiety, a few panic attacks, and then hopelessness.

All of the skills and techniques I had developed in 20+ years as a personal and leadership coach weren’t helping. Decades of meditation and personal development seemed pointless. I was told that, because of the psychological abuse I endured, I was a broken vessel and would need to live a gentle, stress-free life so that I didn’t break apart again. This wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I got stuck in the past without hope for a future. 

Then I was introduced to the understanding that I share in this video with you and I broke free from my past and began to live again. Joyfully and without fear. No longer a victim of circumstances.

I invite you to open your mind to a fresh understanding of how life works. I promise — You will be transformed.  If you’re curious to learn more, schedule a free introductory coaching session or email me.