Deprogram Your Soul

Introduction to my new project: Deprogram Your Soul

What follows is the draft introduction to my new online course “Deprogram Your Soul: Being an Unstoppable Force of Good and Joy in the World”. I will release a new chapter every week. Please comment to help me improve the course!

Society vs. God and Life

We stand at an inflection point in human history where the corruption of our political, legal, medical, educational and economic systems are being revealed. We have been programmed to believe we are each alone in a cold, uncaring world. We have been conditioned to be fearful, obedient, passive, and compliant. This is the most successful PSYOP in human history. It’s time to wake up and deprogram our souls.

Here are the PSYOPs this book aims to deprogram:

  • There is no God. But, if there is…God created this world then just stepped aside.
  • You are just a material body that will die.
  • Consciousness comes from the brain and has no creative power.
  • You are being controlled by subconscious and unconscious processes beyond your reach.
  • The government cares about people and takes care of them.
  • Humans are destroying the planet.
  • Schooling is a neutral and necessary process. Learning must be coerced and forced.
  • Group identity and compliance are more important than individual creativity.

We are Born Free

We come into this world as free beings directly connected to God who is our source of innate wisdom and wellbeing. We are the eyes, hands, feet, and heart of God. We let our thoughts and emotions pass through without hooking us. We have free will and choose where to focus our attention. We are free from fear and do not judge. We are naturally curious, resilient, altruistic, cooperative. We thrive in nature and through play. Energy flows through our body, encouraging us to move.

Until we are conditioned and schooled by society. Then we believe that we are small, powerless bodies alone in a cold, uncaring world.

Society and its institutions, especially forced government schooling, has left us with a casual disregard for life because it trains us to view the world and ourselves as machines.

It is time to take back our world from psychopathic atheists. It’s time to replace the predatory economic and monetary systems and the corrupt schooling system.  Remember: highly schooled people are running the world!

Part 1, Realization: What Are You?

The misunderstanding that keeps the entire system of human slavery in place is that we have forgotten what we are. Not who we are. What we are.

There is a misconception that enlightenment is reserved for only the truly worthy or devout. This is not true. You are already enlightened. You have just forgotten. Enlightenment is not a rare, mystical experience. It is your birthright. It comes about from a sincere and strong desire to answer the question, “What am I”?

What is it that is aware of your being? You know that you are. There is no doubt. Your body is not aware. Your thoughts and sensations are not aware. What is aware?

In this section, we will share the understanding that comes from the direct non-dual path as illuminated by Rupert Spira, Francis Lucille, Lester Levenson, and Dr. David Hawkins. There are many masterful beings who have shared this understanding and these are a few who have been mentors to me.

We will also explore the understanding that our bodies are made of light and emit biophotons from each cell. Our bodies are also composed of structured water which is living and intelligent.

Part 2, Coherence: Living as Your True Self in Alignment with your Values

It is one thing to have an intellectual understanding of your true Self and quite another to live as the everlasting peace and happiness that is your true nature. What makes this a bit tricky is that we have been conditioned to live trapped in pain-pleasure cycles. We find our Self spending almost 100% of our attention and energy either pursuing pleasure or avoiding pain because we have lost ourselves in egoic experiences.

I became determined to figure out how to break this pain-pleasure cycle and live from divine love and light as a liberated being. It becomes a process of recognizing our innate innocence and then rewiring our bodies and brains to operate as our higher Self. We have been programmed and conditioned for millenia to remain slaves. It is time to acknowledge our inner power and create a world in alignment with God and Christ consciousness.

Part 3, Intentional Action: Building a Coherent Civilization

The first step on this journey is an individual one. Next we must build fellowship and local, decentralized economies. We must stop financing our own prisons.

Free Churches

An essential step is also to liberate our churches from the state by converting them from 501-c3 corporations or start from scratch as free churches. This is in alignment with the recognition that the only authority over individuals is God, not the state.

Right Work

Men and Women are creative beings. We are the eyes, ears, hands, feet, and hearts of God. We can build creative ventures based on love and service, not on profits. This can look like small farms, health assurance centers, ethical clothing companies, and any product that we want to manufacture in our local communities. Once we realize that we are funding our own prison by buying goods electronically from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and all of the big box stores and big tech, we will make better choices. Find a list of companies to boycott at the end of this excellent article by Corey Lynn.

My parallel project to writing this book is to launch a new venture incubator and accelerator for entrepreneurs who come from Christ consciousness with love and peace as their primary values. We can support each other in building and growing a parallel, decentralized economy. We must. I am confident that the ingenuity of men and women can create a much better alternative to our current system of fiat currency or the planned central bank digital currencies (CBDC). In the meantime, always pay with cash when you are able.

Health Assurance Centers

Once you understand the depths of the corruption and depravity of a medical system that is based on illness and pharmaceutical drugs which ignores the body’s innate capacity for healing, you want nothing to do with it. There are good men and women around the world working hard to create a health assurance centers. We can unite our efforts, share our wisdom, and create a network of health assurance centers. This section will highlight the good work being done and craft a blueprint for you to follow in your community.

Natural Learning Centers

Rather than educating and empowering people, schooling breaks human spirits and creates fearful, dependent people who cannot separate fact from fiction.

I am writing this part of the book to share what I have learned over the course of 18 years of home educating my two daughters, getting $500,000 from the U.S. Department of Education to start two K-12 charter schools, co-founding a democratic Sudbury School, starting a self-directed learning center, creating a course on self-directed learning for the California Teachers College, and launching global learning and parent coaching programs for the SelfDesign Learning Foundation. I also want to encourage all parents to educate their own children. I did it and I am a single, working mother. My oldest daughter got a free ride to the college of her choice without ever going to school.

Many families are choosing to leave the corrupt indoctrination system to homeschool. This is a brilliant choice as long as you don’t reproduce schooling at home. I’ll get into more detail in part 3 of this book. As we stop complying with forced government schooling, we can educate children in a way that leads to happiness, prosperity, and continued communion with God.

Schools were institutionalized by men in the mid-1800s who put themselves above the rest of humanity in order to arrange and regulate people. They believed that humans were inert raw material that could be molded into something. They chose to play God and be the molders of other people. Does this sound familiar in 2022?

They used the power of law to force all children to attend the schools that they invented, borrowing inhumane practices from India and the Soviet Union. They used taxpayer money to fund their artificial institutions. And they chose to homeschool their own children. The totalitarian communist Leon Trotsky (a Soviet communist revolutionary) revered the father of American schools, John Dewey. The way that schools were described in the Soviet Union in the early 1900s is almost identical to how they are described in the United States today.

Generations continue to be robbed of their imaginations, curiosity, love of learning, natural genius, and the ability to author their own lives by a school system that was designed for compliance. Schooling damages people and limits their views of themselves. School creates within people a deep sense of insecurity and fear. Endless comparisons, competition, grades and testing are inhumane and teach people that their self-worth can be shown on a bell curve.

Even though Americans fought compulsory schooling for decades and kids were marched to school at gunpoint, most adults and parents today have never considered that there is an option other than schooling. School is viewed as the golden ticket to the good life. This is a cultural myth that keeps us all trapped in an unnatural system of information processing and behavior control. I aim to show you that there are plenty of alternatives to schooling that expand human potential and goodness and can be delivered affordably to all humans.

Why I am Creating this Course

I am highly schooled — with an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon and a BA from the University of Virginia — and have gone through the process of deschooling myself. I see through the illusion of schooling. It is not education; it is social engineering.

I’ve also been self-employed for the past 22 years as a business strategy consultant and non-duality life coach. I am passionate about helping men and women create Christ-centered ventures in the private. To this end, I am launching a venture incubator and accelerator so that we can build a parallel economy together.

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick: and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven. [Matthew 5:14-16]

10 Reasons to Deprogram your Soul

  1. Experience the love of God in your life as a continuous presence.
  2. Be guided by innate wisdom, love, and happiness that is your birthright.
  3. Learn how to learn.
  4. Create something awesome.
  5. Focus on personal strengths.
  6. Preserve the wonder, awe, creativity, imagination, confidence, peace of mind, and joy we are born with.
  7. Experience thriving in life, not just surviving society.
  8. Live an unlimited life.
  9. Success in school doesn’t equal success in life (avg. GPA of millionaires is 2.9).
  10. Learning is easier and more fun than schooling

Chapter One (coming next week!)