Mindset Coaching

The Hidden Resource in Your Company is

the Mindset of Your People ​

Companies need team members who are on fire about the company mission and innovate fearlessly to create happy customers

How to Develop a Mastery Mindset

Mindset coaching for sales and leadership teams goes beyond behavior to the source of all behavior. Let’s connect the dots between social conditioning and disengaged employees:

70% of adult workers are not engaged at work (Gallup’s State of the American Workplace)

50% of students in grade 5-12 are not engaged in school (Gallup Student Poll)

See a connection? Societal programming produces fearful, negative, limited mindsets. Schooling trains people to sit still, listen passively, memorize information, and obey. They zone out to survive. Then they get to work and don’t know how to engage, create, and innovate.

Mindset coaching dissolves all of the self-imposed limits that people have learned. 

Empower Your Team

To unleash the productivity, creativity, and enthusiasm we will show them how the human system is designed to work and explore the balance between intelligence and intellect. We will spend our time together learning how Mindset, Creativity, and Awareness work together. Some key truths that we explore together include: 

  • Behavior is the visible part of your mindset in the moment. 
  • Mindset is completely under your control and has nothing to do with positive thinking.
  • Mindset determines which choices are available to you and affects your interactions with others, actions, and decisions. 
  • Personal power comes in the pause – the moment when you witness your thoughts and before you take action. 

Lasting empowerment comes from a shift in mindset. 

Benefits of Mindset Coaching for Sales and Leadership Teams

  • Work becomes fun again and productivity soars
  • Communication flows smoothly
  • Disagreements are quickly sorted out​ and upsets are rare
  • Transformation to higher satisfaction and productivity is permanent. (Once you see how your mind works, you cannot unlearn it.)
  • Creativity and innovation flourish
  • Problems are viewed differently and solutions become obvious

Good, well-meaning people struggle with apathy, anxiety, stress, and lack of engagement in the average workplace. They innocently believe that their stress comes from their job or their boss. They leave their best self for their hobbies and the weekend. 

By de-schooling and then empowering people, you can build a humane, thriving company where people love to work. And it all starts and ends with mindset. 

Testimonials from Caprice’s Past Clients

Caprice handled extremely sensitive concerns with discretion and good judgment. Her ability to frame and quantify complex issues helped us to put together a plan that was both simple and actionable. I recommend Caprice’s work to other companies without hesitation.
Tim Furey
CEO, MarketBridge
Caprice has the unique ability to understand both the strategic, financial side of business and the human side of business.
Terrie Lupberger
President, Newfield Network
Caprice Thorsen is a very creative and capable person who brings both highly evolved intellectual capacities and well-developed emotional intelligence to whatever she does.
She recognizes and understands complex systems well and can create and facilitate elegant, effective activities and programs within complex systems. She is also possessed of evolved leadership skills so that she can successfully lead a variety of teams flexibly and efficiently in a way that brings out the best in her colleagues and supporters.
Ms. Thorsen is both a visionary and a pragmatist. He has that rare combination both of seeing potentialities and possibilities and of attending to the essential details and routines that every project eventually demands. Ms. Thorsen was always reliable, responsible, creative, a leader and a team player.
David Marshak
former President, Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning
Caprice’s deep understanding of business and experience as an entrepreneur has been instrumental in shifting our organization to a customer-facing one that designs learning programs with student and parent needs at the center.
Her leadership style is collaborative and inclusive, bringing out the best in all her team members. She challenges and supports team members to continually learn, grow, and exceed their own personal expectations. Her training as a professional coach enables her to navigate smoothly through difficult interpersonal situations.
Caprice is a delight to work with and is continually positive, proactive, and delivers high-quality results on time and in the stated budget. She demonstrates a keen understanding of finance, business strategy, organizational development, product design, and program management.
Amber Papou
Executive Director, SelfDesign Learning Foundation

Curious about how Mindset Coaching can empower your team?

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