People would be getting their work done JOYFULLY!

Many people believe that their jobs are stressful or their company is a stressful place to work.

Chronic stress reduces our immune system’s effectiveness by 40 to 70%. Stress is literally killing us. 

When under chronic stress, your ability to think clearly and make wise choices is impacted. 

When you understand that stress is an inside-out experience, then you can eliminate stress without anything in the outside world needing to change. 

How to Easily Shift Your Company's Culture

Peter Drucker is credited with saying, “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.” That is because most companies don’t need a new strategy, they need the ability to implement any strategy – which is where culture comes in. Most cultures are high-stress environments. 

Culture isn’t a thing that lives outside of people, it is something that is created every day by the thinking, conversations, behaviors, and actions of people. As soon as people (especially your leadership team) realize that they are the thinkers and it is their thinking that is creating the culture, change becomes automatic. 

When I was introduced to the work of Sydney Banks and the Three Principles, I realized that I was working with these universal laws without being aware of them. Now that my understanding of them has deepened, I see this is the missing link to all organizational transformations and to living and working in peace, joy, and love. Curious? Email me to start a conversation. 

Why Work with Caprice

My soul called me to this work because I am passionate about building humane, soul-based thriving organizations where people love to work. Once you understand that you are living in the experience of your thoughts, you are no longer a victim of a “unhealthy” workplace. Your well-being is guaranteed, no matter who your boss or company is. 

  • Certified Personal and Professional Coach (CPPC) by the Newfield Network, since 2000.

  • Past clients include IBM, Xerox, Marriott, AT&T, Volvo, SelfDesign

  • Carnegie Mellon University (MBA, finance; University of Virginia (BA, Cultural Anthropology)

"Caprice handled extremely sensitive concerns with discretion and good judgment. Her ability to frame and quantify complex issues helped us to put together a plan that was both simple and actionable. I recommend Caprice's work to other companies without hesitation."
Tim Furey
President & CEO, MarketBridge
Caprice is a very creative and capable person who brings both highly evolved intellectual capacities and well-developed emotional intelligence to whatever she does. She recognizes and understands complex systems well and can create and facilitate elegant, effective activities and programs within complex systems.
David Marshak
former President, SelfDesign Graduate Institue

Group Coaching Sessions Example

1: What is Confidence? Inventory of Skills and Confidence
2: What Blocks Confidence? Challenging Limiting Beliefs
3: Overcoming Perfectionism
4: The Three Principles: Mind, Consciousness, Thought
5: Learning to Take New Actions
6: Discovering Your Commitments
7: Emotions that Shape Your World
8: The Four Basic Moods of Life
9: Developing the Body of a Leader
10: The Five Speech Acts
11: Making Effective Requests, Offers, and Promises 12: Conversational Mastery
13: The Art of Engaged Listening
14: Staying Motivated
15: The Power of Action
16: Turning Problems into Possibilities
17: Understanding Organizational Culture
18: Uncovering the Invisible Rules
19: Align Individual Action with Collective Purpose 20: Putting it all Together, Reassessing Confidence

Together, we will customize a program to meet your organization’s needs.

Sessions can be in-person, Skype, Zoom, or phone every week or every other week. Individual coaching sessions are available to supplement group coaching.

Choose from Individual or Group Coaching

Educate yourself about the link between organizational culture and employee engagement. Read about Conscious Culture Creation.

Learn what  your company needs to successfully support a remote work strategy: Download the Distributed Organization Blueprint

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