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Aspiring & Growing Entrepreneurs & Leaders

1:1 Coaching

Do you want to start or grow your own business? Are you excited to take your career to the next level and massively accelerate your impact? 

Coaching will super-charge your mindset, transform problems into exciting opportunities, and give you the awareness and skills to transform your work and life. You will find yourself getting more done in less time and without stress.

Unleash the creative genius within you to create fresh ideas and innovative solutions. Navigate the ups and downs peacefully. Being an entrepreneur or leader can be a lonely path. You deserve a coach by your side who understands business strategy and mental well-being. Email Caprice now. 

Women in the Aftermath of a Pathological Relationship

1:1 Coaching

I endured a 17-year pathological relationship because I didn’t understand pathology. I thought I could fix him. I believed that all people are basically good or can be redeemed. 

Then I found out that my ex was engaging in a lot of extracurriculars no wife would accept. I got a great divorce decree, and moved 1,000 miles away. When I changed back to my maiden name, my daughters did too. That should have been the end of the trauma, right? 

I learned that soul wounds need a different approach to healing. If you are ready to leave your past behind and write a new story for this next chapter, email me and we will set up a coaching conversation to see if I can help. 

Coaching and consulting via Zoom, phone, or in-person. 
Email Caprice if you have questions. 

Caprice is offering 5 free Dissolve Stress and Anxiety sessions for August 2020. 

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Powerful! What a gift Caprice’s coaching is. Her experience in the corporate world is invaluable - she is a great sounding board for tough business challenges. One of my big takeaways is: be positive, be confident, and get it done.
Freeman Louis Sands
Her style is such that she can expertly pull out of you the answers and path that are true for you and your situation.
Sorel Norlin Testimonial
Sorel Norlin
Caprice's guidance provided the boost I needed to 'walk taller', with more confidence in myself. Thank you Caprice!
Gerry Wendel Testimonial
Gerry Wendel
I was able to create for myself a career where I am excited and having fun, and making more money than I ever have – yet at half the time away from the family. My wife now refers to me as “NewFred.com” because the change is so remarkable. Thank you for the changes you helped me to create in my life. Our time together was worth so much more than the cost of the service.
Fred Caminite Testimonial
Fred Caminite

Shift Your Mindset

When we aren’t getting the results we desire in business or life, we analyze our situation and try to fix it. Most of the time, we end up frustrated, burnt out, or confused.

There is a hidden power in all of us that can either empower or disempower or ability to get what we want in life. After coaching hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs over the past 20 years, I’ve discovered that this invisible source will help you more than any technique or practice. And we’ve all got it, we just don’t realize it.

When you have a empowered relationship with your thinking, you will create amazing results in your work and life.

About Caprice

Caprice Thorsen health realization coach
Caprice Thorsen
  • Certified Personal and Professional Coach (CPPM) since 2000.
  • MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon
  • Entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and non-profit leader.
  • I’ve been told that my calm and optimism is contagious.
  • I know that you are not broken and don’t need to be fixed.
  • Together, we will make problems and challenges easy to handle and fun to work through.

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