How You Were Programmed

To deprogram your soul, you need to see how it was programmed in the first place.

Spiritually contented people are dangerous for a variety of reasons. They don’t make reliable servants because they won’t jump at every command. They test what is requested against a code of moral principle. Those who are spiritually secure can’t easily be driven to sacrifice family relations. Corporate and financial capitalism are hardly possible on any massive scale once a population finds its spiritual center.

– John Taylor Gatto

Millenia of Programming

Step 1: Convince you that there is no God. Scientism is the new religion – man can overcome and control nature. If there was a God, He created the world and then stepped aside, leaving man in control.

Step 2: Convince You that you are a physical person and that your consciousness/awareness comes from your brain. Body dies, you die. There is no hope. Result = fear of death and program of limitation and lack. All of our language points to a world of separation: me, mine, you, yours, etc.

Step 3: Train you to passively submit to authority and seek salvation from outside authorities and the government. This was done successfully in the indoctrination camps called school. Trust government to protect you and solve problems – this is the biggest psychological operation in history. Mankind does not need centralized government – we need local councils to solve local problems.

Step 4: Set you on an endless quest to secure your fictional person through acquisition, achievement, and accumulation. This occupies 99.9% of our daily activity. If this quest is not fulfilling, then invent the DSM, its hundreds of fictional mental disorders, and medicate the population into submission. Offer mindless entertainment to numb the restlessness of lost souls.

Step 5: Scare you to death with multiple false flags (terrorists, gun violence, viruses, etc.) that leave you begging for the government to protect you in exchange for your freedom and liberties. Remember: you cannot give away your God-given rights even by choice. They are woven into the fabric of your existence.

Welcome to the New Reality

To break free from programming a create a new reality, all you need to do is let go of false beliefs. You do not need to replace them with new beliefs. In fact, I caution you: don’t do this. All beliefs limit your unlimited, unconditioned, eternal, infinite Self. Rest in the awareness of what you are and all beliefs are seen for the lie that they are.