Lesson Summary: You are a Unique Expression of God

My Personal Insights

Here are some of my personal insights…

  • Mostly everyone is insecure because they think they are only human, not divine. From this root of insecurity, they behave in ways that hurt themselves and others. Most people do not understand that they have the intelligence of the universe at their disposal if they can only quiet the chatter of their personal minds and focus their intention and imagination with unbreakable faith in God. 
  • I am not insecure. Unless I think I am. 
  • Who I am has nothing to do with how other people behave. I don’t care what other people think about me or how they behave towards me. And I remind myself that I cannot control what other people think. 
  • No experience can add anything to my essential Self or take anything from it. I am already complete and whole.
  • I can be fearlessly myself as long as I come from a place of love and understanding. 
  • I don’t need to love myself unconditionally because I am already love, it is my essence. 
  • Behavior is an indication of where people are with their thinking, not who they truly are. 
  • When I am in a low mood, it is due to my negative thinking, usually fear based. Once I notice this, I don’t need to analyze my thinking or try and figure out what I am thinking because this will just give life to these negative thoughts. Like a coaching client of mine said, “Oh, it would be giving your negative thoughts credit that they don’t deserve.”. Exactly.
  • I can trust my inner YES and NO. Yes feels light and expansive. No feels heavy and constricting. I feel it mainly in my chest. You can play with this to discover your own inner yes and no. 
  • The past doesn’t exist except as a memory in my own thinking. I don’t think about or dwell on the past because it steals the only thing that is real – this very moment. 
  • I am unbreakable. I am a whole being who has innate health and peace of mind. 
  • My new mantra is PYT (pronounced pyd) — a Danish word that means you accept a situation that is beyond your control and won’t invest any energy thinking about it. You won’t worry about it or stress over it even if it doesn’t match your personal preferences.