Our Programmed Self

I’m just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human

― John Trudell

There are three major programs that have been inserted into your mind through millenia of programming and social conditioning. At this point in human history, we must discard all of our belief systems and relax into the reality of our aware being. However, our blind spots are blind to us. We don’t know what we don’t know. Let’s take a journey through the programming of the human being together.

The Illusory Separate BodyMind

There is no way to separate the body from the mind. It is the instrument that God is using to experience creation. Nothing more. Nothing less. The bodymind is a sacred temple. However our culture views it as a costume or a sex symbol.

I am all for having a strong, lean, energized body which is why I eat nutritious food, drink clean water, and exercise 5-6 days a week. I love having sore muscles. But I do not work out to aggrandize a ficitious ego.

If you close your eyes and become completely present to the now, ask yourself, What am I? What is it that is aware of my thinking, body sensations, beliefs, feelings?

If you don’t think about the past, you realize that your true Self has no age, gender, race, or story. It just is. This is why God said to Moses, “I am that I am”. You are unconditioned consciousness (impersonal, infinite, eternal) that appears at the conditioned form of a man or a woman.

As the conditioned form, I (wo/man) might forget who I am or where I am, but I cannot forget that I am.

Sailor Bob Adamson asked me these three questions which I share with you:

  1. Are you unaware? No, of course not. I am aware.
  2. Do you exist? Yes, I most certainly exist.
  3. Would you rather exist or not exist? I would rather exist.

This is the simplest path to the understanding that you are the awareness of being. You are unconditioned consciousness. This sets you free to experience the joy of being alive! 

The tricky part of this is that human beings have been conditioned throughout millenia to believe that they are just physical bodies from which consciousness appears. The big existential fear of most people is that, when the body dies, they (or their consciousness) dies. To sedate ourselves from this fear we accumulate, acquire and add experiences, stuff, and people to our illusory limited self to try and secure it. This is a losing game because the small illusory self is just a concept that consciousness cooked up a long time ago to try and identify itself.

The Ego (Persona, Person, Mask, Costume)

Your personality is unique. It is God expressing himself as your unique being. And God does not make mistakes. So, celebrate your uniqueness. But don’t fall into the trap of believing that you are special or need to be special.

This is not a call for uniform bland, same people. You only need to look to nature and the amazing star-nosed mole or platypus to be amazed at the authentic diversity that is creation.

The star nosed mole has the most sensitive touch organ known in any mammal with 5 times the nerve fibers of a human hand.

However, you separate ego or persona (i.e. Caprice Thorsen) just a concept that was programmed into you. Without your story, without your thinking, who are you? When you take a moment to observe your thoughts and feelings, you will notice that almost all of them are appearing on behalf of your egoic self, the one that was named at birth.

Our society is based on the belief that you need to achieve your way to being lovable by acquiring, accumulating, and achieving. Your true Self is perfect and nothing can be added to or taken away from it.

Government is Necessary, Benevolent, and Useful

The republic of the united states of America was constructed to protect men and women from the usurpation of power and abuses of the government.

As we see the continued abuses of the fascist corporate State, we see what the founders of the republic were trying to protect us from. They created separate nation-states in the 13 colonies so that power could be distributed. The powers delegated to the federal government were intentionally limited to regulating interstate commerce, authorizing foreign treaties, and coining silver money (without debt or interest attached to it).

Cultural Programming has Blocked the true Self

Our culture is pathological because it is based on a fundamental lie. The BIG LIE is that you are a separate being that needs to struggle and compete for scarce resources. This LIE of materialism and separation has led to the chaos, turmoil, and conflict that has driven human civilization for the past 5,000 years. 

This LIE leads us to work our whole life to prop up a fake separate persona with self-help and psychological techniques. We try to achieve and consume our way to happiness. This works in favor of the global elite who have enslaved us in their feudal legal and monetary systems.

When I look at all of our social institutions, it looks like they are meant to keep you under the trance of a small hunk of matter that is random and powerless. This is the big LIE perpetuated for millenium and used to control us.

A New Narrative of Life and Being

To change the trajectory of the human project, we need a new narrative of who we are, how evolution happens, and what it takes to create a just and free society. To do this, we have to challenge the current paradigm that leads to separation, fear, and the quest to control life.  

When we raise human beings to preserve innate wholeness, wisdom and wellbeing, young people will unleash their unlimited capacity to innovate. They can evolve the world and society in a positive direction through their insights. 

Humans are born: Until they are conditioned to become:

We Thrive in Truth

We only thrive when we live in Truth. Truth with a capital T. Not the fear-based truth that our media, tech magnets, and career politicians try to sell us to control us. TRUTH = spiritual Truth. 

Your ideas of a personal self arises within who you truly are: infinite consciousness. Because your consciousness has no beginning and no end, it is infinite. There cannot be 7.8 billion infinite consciousnesses on this planet. They wouldn’t be infinite would they? There would have to be a place where my consciousness ends and yours begins. But we cannot find that place. 

There is only one infinite consciousness. This is the ground of BEING. We are all unique modulations of this infinite consciousness. We share the same BEING. Not a being that is an entity, but the activity of life itself. 

The Joy of Being Alive

Let’s dissolve the belef in the separate egoic self by staring it down and allowing it to dissolve. This is an act of cultural disobedience because our entire pathological culture is based on our egos consuming their way to feeling good. We look to people, experiences, and things to make our egos feel okay. This is the journey of suffering and misery. 

There are many people calling for civil disobedience as our local and state government authorities make draconian policies to isolate us from a virus with a 99.7% survival rate. Once we realize that we all share the same BEING, then isolating ourselves from modulations in this conscious being seems absurd. 

In today’s world where everything seems upside down, we have an amazing opportunity to question everything. Everything. 

Our inquiry needs to start with self-inquiry. Engaging in Self-Inquiry is not a difficult task. It is not an intellectual pursuit. It involves questioning how your experience of life arises. Where does experience come from? Who are you truly? 

Schooling trains you to disconnect from your infinite, impersonal, unconditioned being and focus solely on the content of your experience.

Your being is still and constant. It communicates to your through your heart center.

At first, it may seem like a quiet whisper that is a stranger to you. As you cultivate deep listening, you will learn to trust your inner calling. Remember: if you are lost, confused, or uncertain, then quit your mind and listen. When you are listening, you aren’t thinking. Thinking and analyzing is not the path to clarity. 

The next lession goes into this in more detail.