The Truth that Was Revealed to Me

The courses on this website were divinely inspired. Initially, I was going to build a local business. Then I got clear and loud instructions to build a business incubator to help men and women create ventures in the private outside of government and corporate control. That same week, two friends reached out to me asking if I would help them start businesses. This seemed like confirmation, so I sat down and The Perfect Business Plan blueprint flowed out of me in 10 minutes. My friends and their spouses LOVED it and I decided to turn it into an online course.

As I was working on the course, I realized that you cannot build a business based on God’s Law unless you understand what you are and how society’s money and legal systems are an inversion of God’s Law. That realization birthed this course. After working diligently on the course, I prayed to God and asked for guidance to only share His Truth. I asked for help in removing any false beliefs, foolish ideas, and unhelpful notions. I then tested the Truth of all of the following statements using Dr. David Hawkin’s methods.

The Truth that Was Revealed to Me

  1. There is one God. God is the Source, Creator, Allness. God is the formless, spaceless, timeless out of which being is Created. Your being is God’s being.
  2. God is life. Any resistance to life is denial of God. God is love. When you are loving, you are connected to God within you.
  3. You are an eternal Soul. Your Soul cannot die. Your Soul transforms to another state of being.
  4. Your Soul is loving when you are surrendered to God and at peace with life and all that is before you in the moment without judgment. Be discerning so that you know Truth. Do not judge anything as right or wrong.
  5. Your Soul does not judge because God is perfect. God is life. Life is Perfect. Your Soul is perfect. If God wanted you to be different, He would have Created you differently.
  6. Our Souls are perfect. We are individual Souls who share God’s being. Our egoic self is fictitious – just a concept that has been programmed into us through the millenia. We have been convinced that we are persons. Egos, personalities, personal histories are merely costumes that our eternal souls wear to play the game of life.
  7. The egoic self improvement game is the cause of all suffering, misery, and planetary degradation we are witnessing. This is being led by a psychopathic global elite that worship their own egos and put themselves above God.
  8. Our deepest fear is that our personal being will cease to exist when our body dies. The only way to dissolve the fear of death is to dissolve the Soul’s association with a personal entity (ego). We recognize our true self as an eternal Soul.
  9. Eternal awakened Souls are the most dangerous beings to the global elite and their upside-down society because they cannot be controlled or manipulated.
  10. The global elite that have been manipulating mankind for millenia worship their own fictitious egos and put themselves above God. They print money out of thin air, control governments and corporations, and aim for complete control of life.

Control of society has been achieved by convincing human beings that:

  • Science is omnipotent and omniscient. Science is the new God.
  • You cannot scientifically prove that there is a God.
  • Evolution is true.
  • Life is a random accident. Life is dangerous. There is no Creator.
  • If there is a God (which only anti-science nuts believe), He created the world and stepped aside leaving men and women alone to struggle through life until death.
  • You are a random accident. You are a hunk of separate matter with a brain that is the control system.
  • In this cold, uncaring world, salvation comes by granting outside authorities (governement and corporations) power over you in exchange for their protection.

God is Inviting Us to Build Anew

What we deeply desire is God’s love and the causeless joy that comes from being connected moment to moment with God’s love. We are in a moment in mankind’s history when we can collectively, as eternal Souls, allow God to work through us and as us. We stand in Truth and Love, shining our light on the darkness.

We don’t fight the current society or powers that-ought-not-be. That only makes their reality more real. We turn away from the darkness. We discern Truth and build from Love.

  • The money system is the root of all evil because it is based on the usury of private banksters who profit from men and women’s sacred labor by printing money out of thin air and charging interest.
  • The legal system is in direct opposition to God’s Law, common law, and common sense.
  • The psychological industry was invented to make money by convincing us we are broken, limited, physical people and selling us toxic petroleum-based drugs to numb the emptiness and despair of this false belief.
  • The education system and media keep all the other systems in place by hypnotising us and inserting false beliefs into our fertile minds when we are too young to resist.

We are being invited to re-establish ourselves as God’s perfect creation and allow the Creator to work through us. Will you accept the invitation?

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