Free your Self from Society and Its Beliefs

Your life is not your own. There, I said it. This Truth will set you free. You life is a gift from God. Your were born with unique gifts and talents to expand creation. Do not squander your life playing the victim of circumstances.

With devastating irony, the more we try to ‘find ourselves’, the more effort we put into ‘being someone’, the more we seek to satisfy our needs, the more lacking, incomplete, unstable and false it seems we become.

Real: The inside-out guide to being yourself, Clare Dimond

You believe that you are a small, powerless individual person who must strive to survive and seek happiness outside of yourself. You cannot have freedom in this fictional society. It is too upside down. It is an inversion of truth.

Free your Self from Society

You experience freedom when you free your Self FROM SOCIETY. You will be free when you free yourself from outside authorities (who are all fictional). This is covered in depth in the Legal & Financial Freedom sections.

You also need to free your Self from the inner authorities of false beliefs, opinions, and judgements that have been programmed into you by society. This is what this section guides you through.

I am not suggesting that you live in a cave. I am inviting you to free yourself from all of the assumptions that have been programmed into your brain since birth. Assumptions about: 1) what you are; 2) the nature of reality; and 3) how creativity works and creations happen.

Personal Psychology as a Weapon

We are trapped in society because our psychology has been manipulated and our true identity hidden from us. It doesn’t really matter who has engineered this game of slavery or what their motivations are. Don’t focus on that. Focus on your inner freedom. TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

All psychological suffering comes from our false belief that we are just a physical body and that our mind and consciousness is created by our brain. From these untested and unverifiable beliefs, we live with a sense of impending doom and urgency. We fear our non-existence.

When you focus your attention on outside authorities (parents, teachers, religious leaders, media, etc.), then you give your power to them. You have access to the intelligence of the universe – your inner voice and intution. Most of us cannot hear these powerful whispers because they are being drowned out by the noise of society.

Enlightenment is Not a Mind Blowing Experience

Below is a discussion that is designed to dissolve your false identification as a separate, physical self. I intend to point you in the direction of your true Self, which is unconditioned happiness and peace. What you truly are is unlimited, impersonal presence that expresses through the mind as the thought “I am”.

A few people will have mind blowing existential experiences where the world appears something like a vibrating pattern of vivid colors, sounds, energies, and there being melts into this. And most people come to this understanding gradually as they point themselves sincerely and openly in the direction of Truth.

On this journey, it is quite natural for your to flip flop between your true nature (aware beingness) and your phantom self (personhood, personality, ego). The Right Work community is designed to support you in those moments when you forget who you are and to help you rest as your true nature.

I strongly encourage you to experience the truth of your real self with a meditation by Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, and/or Ellen Emmet and by exploring the wisdom shared by Sailor Bob Adamson.

Seeking Happiness

While our deepest desire is to feel happiness without sorrow, 99.9% of us look in the wrong direction – the world of experiences and phenomenon. Society has conditioned us since birth to see our self as a person and we put all of our faith in a false recipe for happiness. We believe that happiness exists in the future when we have added, achieved, or acquired something – the perfect partner, a high-paying job, the beautiful house, etc.

We get a temporary burst of happiness when we get something we desire, but it is fleeting. When we get something we desire, we have a brief vacation from desire and rest in a desireless state. This desireless state is our true nature.

What we are really seeking is a direct connection to God and to rest in God’s unconditioned love, which is our true nature. The only desire that does not bring suffering is the desire to rest in the presence of the love of God.

Here is the false belief that is conditioned into us since birth: I am a separate, physical, limited self. As soon as we turned two or two and a half, language started creating our illusory prison of conceptual existence. Upon both conceptual and experiential investigation, we discover that there is no evidence to support this belief. It is false and the cause of all of our psychological suffering.

Below is the distorted view of reality that we get when life is filtered through the false belief of being a separate, physical person…

The Original Mistake

What is the truth? I am unlimited, unconditioned, eternal, impersonal awareness. I am aware being or beingness. It is this intelligent, aware ground of being that animates all life. We all share the same being. Here is what reality looks like from this understanding…

The Truth

Do not believe me. This isn’t about faith. This is about exploring your true nature and the nature of reality with an open mind and heart. As Francis Lucille says, “Truth is not a democracy.” This is the direct path to God. All it takes is an interest and willingness. Enlightenment is not for the special few, it is available to all of us because we are that.

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

Be still and know that I am God. – Psalm 46:10

Once you begin to understand this essential, original truth, you can start to imagine and create the impossible.

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