You are unbreakable.
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Life has its ups and downs. Usually we bounce back after adversity. But sometimes we get stuck in a slump.

After an extremely traumatic divorce, I was told that I was a broken vessel and would need to live a gentle, stress-free life so that I didn’t break apart again.

I lost hope. All of the skills and techniques I had developed in 15+ years as an executive coach weren’t helping. Decades of meditation and personal development  wasn’t sufficient. 

Then I was introduced to the health realization principles and I broke free from my past and began to live again. Joyfully, hopefully, without fear. 

This 20-minute video is module one of the online course Face the Sun: 7 days to overcome trauma, anxiety, loneliness and depression

I created it to give you hope. Life is too short to feel hopeless or trapped. 

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proof that we're all unbreakable: Caprice and her daughters

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