Your life is about to get a whole lot easier and better. 99.9% of what you’ve been told about life is wrong.

When you see how simple life really is, you will ask: Why wasn't I taught this in Kindergarten?

Where Does Impostor Syndrome, Anxiety & Depression Come From?

Most people harbor a dark secret. They don’t think they are enough – good enough, smart enough, lovable enough, successful enough, talented enough. This shows up as Impostor Syndrome, anxiety and depression. Impostor syndrome shows up when a person has actually achieved a new level of success. This is our biggest clue that it is a lie, an illusion. 

You probably think that your problem is impostor syndrome, anxiety, or depression. Nope. Your problem is your thinking. I will explain. And when you get this understanding in your bones, anxiety, depression, and even impostor syndrome melt away. 

What is a Principle?

Before we explore how life really works, it’s helpful to understand the difference between an idea and a principle.

Principles are fundamental truths that do not have any exceptions. 

One principle you are familiar with is gravity. Gravity is at work in your life whether you acknowledge it or not. If you drop your coffee mug it will fall to the ground. Mathematics is based on universal principles. 2+2=4. Even if you don’t know how to add, this principle always works. 

And so it is with these three psycho-spiritual principles. There are three universal psycho-spiritual principles we can use to explain the human experience. They function in the background of our life, like gravity and mathematics, whether we recognize them or not. If you choose to understand how they work, your life will get a whole lot simpler.

The Three Principles understandings are universal law. They operate like gravity and work even if we are not aware of them. 

The Three Principles

Sydney Banks shared his understanding of how life works through the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness,and Thought. These three principles existed before the creation of form, before the creation of the physical universe that we know. 

Universal Mind is the energy and intelligence behind all life. It is the life force that flows through everything and powers all life. Mind is the source of all ideas and creativity. This is the universal, impersonal intelligence that opens roses, turns acorns into oak trees, grew you from a single cell into a whole person, and powers the amazing operations of your body. Inside of all of us is a boundless, formless, creative energy that cannot be damaged or hurt.

Consciousness allows us to be aware of life.

Thought is how we experience life. We experience life by our thinking. Thinking is the gift all living beings have been given that allows us to create our realities. A useful metaphor is seeing yourself as the clear blue sky and your thoughts as clouds that move across the sky. We are conditioned to look at the clouds, not the sky.

The three principles transcend all concepts and religions. So you don’t need to put your religion aside to understand them. 

You are Alive

You are made of aliveness, intelligent energy, life itself. Everyone has access to this intelligence. Not just the affluent or lucky. 

You are Aware

You are conscious. At your essence, you are pure, impersonal awareness. Within this space of awareness thoughts arise and disappear.

You Think

You are the thinker. You are not your thoughts. You live 100% in the experience and feeling of your thinking. Each of us constructs a Self and a world through our thinking process and then choose moment-by-moment how to live in this thought created reality.

This Understanding Sets You Free!

When we understand that we are not our thinking, we are the space in which thinking arises, we are free. We don’t need to take any of our thinking seriously.

It may be difficult to believe that you have a spiritual operating system since you have been trained to believe the opposite. Please do not believe my words. Investigate these ideas directly. Explore how you experience life. 

We have all been trained to believe that we live in the experience of what is happening around us. Events and other people make us feel certain ways. 

For example, if someone is upset, we immediately ask them, “What happened?” This perpetuates the mistaken belief that outside experiences create our internal feeling state. 

We live in the experience of our thinking.

We only experience life through our thinking. By placing our attention on something, we notice it. Our thinking makes the experience a reality to us. If we don’t notice it or think about it, we do not experience it. 

We don’t see life the way it is, we see it they way we think it is. Often our thinking-sensing-feeling happens so quickly that it is invisible to us. We notice something in the outside world just feel the sensations in our body and feelings that we give labels to (sad, angry, upset).

We end up trying to control our experiences so that we feel a certain way.  If I have negative thinking that produces negative emotions, I will do lots of things to try and numb my feelings if I believe them to be true.  If I have negative thinking, start to feel negative emotions, and then realize it’s all based on a lie (faulty thinking), I can let it pass and quickly come back to center where there is peace and serenity. 

We can use thoughts to make our existence heaven on earth or hell.

Our emotions are our internal GPS

We all have free will – the ability to choose which thoughts we take seriously and invest our attention and energy into. We choose to respond to our thinking and what actions we take. Often times our thinking is invisible to us or happens so quickly we don’t notice it. Most of us are not zen masters, we get caught up in our heads. 

The beautiful thing about our design is that we’ve been given an internal GPS – our feelings. When our mood dips or a negative feeling comes over us, it just means that we have taken some negative thinking seriously. 


My Personal Insights

Sydney Banks said you can only share what you personally understand. Here are my personal insights so far…

  • We all have the intelligence of the universe at our disposal when we quiet the chatter of our personal minds. 
  • People are insecure because they believe their negative self-talk. From this root of insecurity, they behave in ways that hurt themselves and others. 
  • Behavior is an indication of where people are with their thinking, not who they truly are. 
  • Who I am has nothing to do with how other people behave towards me. Their behavior is a reaction to their thinking, unless they pause and question their thinking. I cannot control what other people think. I can’t even control what I think.
  • I can be fearlessly myself as long as I come from a place of love and understanding. 
  • I don’t need to love myself unconditionally because I am already love, it is my essence. 
  • When I am in a low mood, it is due to my negative thinking, usually fear based. Once I notice this, I don’t need to analyze my thinking or try and figure out what I am thinking because this will just give life to these negative thoughts. Like a coaching client of mine said, “Oh, it would be giving your negative thoughts credit that they don’t deserve.”. Exactly.
  • I can trust my inner YES and NO. Yes feels light and expansive. No feels heavy and constricting. I feel it mainly in my chest. You can play with this to discover you own inner yes and no. 
  • The past doesn’t exist except as a memory in my own thinking. I don’t think about or dwell on the past because it steals the only thing that is real – this very moment. 
  • I am unbreakable. I am a whole being who has innate health and peace of mind. 
  • I am not insecure. Unless I think I am. 

Going Deeper

You can take two paths, and I highly recommend both. 

Path #1: The first is to watch Sydney Banks explain the three principles and his enlightenment experience. You can find a series of amazing and beautiful lectures here.

Path #2: The second is to get a fresh view of life by debunking the myths of materialism. When you do this, you find that science proves that consciousness is primary and human thought is the most powerful creative force on the planet. 

Want More Guidance and Support?

My intention in offering individual coaching is to create the optimal conditions for you to have insights of your own. Nobody can teach the three principles to you and they cannot be “figured out”.  You cannot think your way to well-being. You gain deeper understanding of how the three principles are working in your life as you engage in loving coaching conversations. Curious? Schedule an introductory coaching session with me.