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Is This World Real or an AI Simulation (aka Nightmare)?

The idea that we are living in an AI simulation came across my radar again recently. I never gave this theory any attention. It just seemed too bizarre. Then I read a new book and the idea that we are living in a simulation seems possible. I cannot explain the horrors and atrocities I am witnessing without attributing them to a non-human force. (Remember that AI is artificial intelligence without morality.)

I invite you to consider the idea that we are living in a simulation to spark your creative imagination. To open your mind. We live through our left brain, logical thinking. This closes our minds to fresh possibilities. This is a creative inquiry into possibilities. I am not pretending to share truth.

Our creative imagination is incredibly powerful. As I shared in a recent Talk Junkies interview, 95% of 5-year olds have creative genius but only 2% of adults do. We can reclaim our Divine Spark. We have to.

Is an AI Simulation a Crazy Idea?

If we don’t know what we are facing, we probably won’t thrive much less survive.

I have done a lot of research on the electric universe; our light body; the intelligence of water and how it stores memories; the power of sound, light and color to heal; parasitic energies, German New Medicine; and how we create our world through our mind. (I will expand upon the fascinating rabbit holes I have travelled in future posts.) My conclusion: hyper materialism that denies the invisible is bullshit.

So here goes – this world seems to be an inverted, distorted version of what paradise on earth could be. What is going on?

The Universe and our Body are Electric

Research into the Electric Universe confirms that the universe is a vast electric grid – a kind of cosmic internet. The observable universe is 99.99% plasma – the fourth state of matter and a perfect conduit of electricity and electromagnetism.

The body is an electric system made mostly out of water found in our intracellular fluid. I learned in studying energy healing, and especially by reading Jerry Tennant’s book, Healing is Voltage, that you can view our body as an electric battery. To be healthy, we need the correct voltage. A stem cell or a fertilized egg is depolarized so has zero charge. If the stem cell becomes a nerve cell, it will be -70 millivolts; a liver cell is -40 mv, a musculoskeletal is -90 mv, and a fat cell is -50 mv. You will never learn this in school. All that you get in school is a cartoon version of a false theory. Learn more about what scientists call your electrome.

There is an emerging field of science call bioelectricity where science, engineering, and medicine connect. When we are sick, our voltage has dropped. The lowest voltage is found in people with cancer.

Germ theory has been found to be false. An alternative theory is that when you are around a sick person, they borrow some of your voltage for their healing. Since your voltage has been diminished, you are weaker and might go through a healing phase and exhibit symptoms of healing. Our brain communicates and processes information electrically. Our heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field of any area of the body.

Physicists in the 20th Century found that consciousness is primary. Max Planck went so far as to say that matter is derived from consciousness. Consciousness and light are often used interchangeably. All is light energy and light is all that there is. If consciousness/light is all that there is, then where are we? We are told that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Is the speed of light the boundary for this simulation?

How Does my Mind Work?

Our body-mind is connected to this electric universe. On an electromagnetic, energetic level, there is no separation between our body-mind and the universe.

My study of non-duality has taken many twists and turns. Am I Caprice? I was programmed to believe this by parents, school, and society. Okay, but which Caprice? The six-year old who hated school? The 5’ tall, 100 lb 12-year old? Or am I the taller, older, wiser version of Caprice with a few grey hairs? 

Because the infinite awareness that has been watching the show of “Caprice’s Life” has not changed AT ALL. Play with this and test it for yourself. Has your aware beingness ever changed? Does it have an age, skin color, gender? Mine does not. It is simply pure, empty awareness.

What I slowly came to realize is that this character that I believed I was, Caprice, is as much of a fictional concept as Santa Claus. “Caprice” is just as real as “Santa Claus”. Right. Not real at all. I talk more about this journey in Why You Suffer.

I AM still, silent, aware beingness. None of the experiences that have passed through my awareness, whether joyful or extremely painful, have touched the True Self that I AM. None of these experiences have added anything or subtracted anything.

Know Thyself

I don’t always remember that I am Infinite Awareness, a Divine Spark connected to All That Is. The dream and drama of Caprice mesmerizes me. I start feeling anxious, worried, fearful, self-doubt. The dream of Caprice hijacks my attention. I figured out that Caprice is not real, so how can Caprice’s life be real? We all believe that our person and our person’s life is real because our mind tells us so.

Why does our mind attack us?

Why are our minds such a menace? 90% of thoughts are negative. Almost all spiritual teachers talk about quieting the “monkey mind” – that endless chatter that keeps us from being fully present to the now. But most don’t ask where this monkey mind comes from or how thoughts arise. Perhaps this is because scientific dogma teaches us that the mind is a product of our physical brain. This, of course is nonsense.

There is zero scientific evidence that thoughts are produced by our brain. Yes, electrical activity happens in the brain, but we cannot say that is thinking. We don’t know much about consciousness or the process of thinking. We spend lots of time in school focused on the supposed “external world” and no time investigating our internal processes.

There is a difference between practical thinking which is necessary to navigate life, change a tire, grocery shop, etc. and misery thinking. Misery thinking happens when our minds go to war with our believed in self, our persona. Remember, persona means mask and our person is just a mask that our True Self wears in the dream of our life. Caprice is my persona, my mask.

Misery thinking attacks this fictional Caprice to make her feel unworthy, small, alone, limited, powerless. Do you see what a strange game we are playing? If we could figure out where this misery thinking comes from, maybe we can end this game of suffering.

Are Demons Real?

At this point, we need to take an important detour to answer that question. This has been a quest of mine.

A friend sent me the website of Jerry Marzinsky during the summer of 2022. Dr. Marzinsky worked with people incarcerated for violent crimes and people diagnosed with schizophrenia. He discovered that the negative, violent thoughts they experience are being inserted into their minds by invisible demonic entities.

Ty Colber, author of The Four False Pillars of Biopsychiatry, goes through all of the research on schizophrenia and shows that there is no evidence for the current disease model of schizophrenia or “mental illness”. What is schizophrenia? The findings of Marzinsky and Colber challenge psychology’s belief that our thoughts are our own and that brain chemistry affects thoughts and moods. It seems that using drugs and cognitive behavior therapy to heal a person is the wrong approach.

My Dance with Demons

I discovered Dr. Marzinsky on a Saturday morning while I was finalizing my online course, Free Your Mind. I added two paragraphs to my course describing his work. Early the next day, I started experiencing severe misery thinking. “Caprice, you are such a loser. Your life will never be good. You are powerless. Blah. Blah. Blah.” I hadn’t been thinking these thoughts before then. Over the next four days, the voice got stronger, louder and more frequent.

On Thursday afternoon, I took my daughter to the farmer’s market hoping some sunshine and fresh air would rid me of this low mood and negative thoughts. But it didn’t. I remember telling her, “This voice doesn’t seem like mine.” It reminded me of how I felt the day of my grandfather’s funeral. The sun was shining brightly but I felt engulfed by dark clouds.

That evening I was uncomfortable to the point of panic attacks. I watched myself snap at my daughters while making dinner so I went upstairs to meditate. An insight struck. I asked “Are thought demons attacking me?”

I followed Jerry’s program for getting rid of demons, including saying the Lord’s Prayer and 23rd Psalm out loud. I felt better. That night, I woke in the middle of the night and had the darkest thoughts you can imagine. I felt like I just didn’t want to exist anymore. So I sought divine intervention and repeated my prayers over and over. I asked my Creator to dispel these demons from my energy field. Suddenly, I felt tremendous surges of energy running through my whole body that lasted several minutes. Then the energy left and I fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning, I prayed, meditated, thanked my Creator for divine protection and felt restored to my normal calm, optimistic, resilient True Self. The demons were purged along with the negative thoughts they were implanting in my mind.

persons hand with white manicure
Photo by Rishabh Dharmani on Unsplash

The Plague of Mind Viruses

Jerry Marzinski’s work confirms what Paul Levy shares in his book Wetiko: Healing the Mind-Virus that Plagues Our World. Levy says: “A contagious psycho-spiritual disease of the souls, a parasite of the mind, is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions.” As I talk about in my book, Healing from School, Wetiko is a native American concept that is a “sickness of the spirit” or a “mind-virus” that can attach itself to the unconscious of men and women who are not connected with their inner wisdom, imagination, and divinity.

These thought demons/mind virus/Wetiko are described n the stories of indigenous people around the world. Could it be that psychology has it completely wrong? Are misery thoughts and the resulting anxiety, depression, self-doubt, self-hatred, loneliness, and apathy generated by demons? Do demonic, parasitic entities feed off of our emotional trauma and negative energy? Is it possible that negative thoughts are not generated by our mind? Yes, the movie Monsters Inc. does come to mind.

Does Society Traumatize Everyone?

If demons feed off of negativity and fear, has our society been designed as a feeding farm for them?

In How to Program a Mind: Part 1 I explore the way that society has been designed to traumatize us and make us weak and passive. Society is built on trauma. Starting with the medicalization of birth, forced identification with a false self, confinement in the unnatural school setting, the evil nature of our monetary system based on usury, the endless wars fought for profit, news and media that continually shock and frighten us, violence against women and children, and the list goes on and on.

Statistics from that post: one out of every four children were physically abused, one out of every five children were sexually molested, one out of five female college students is raped, and one-quarter of children grew up with alcoholism or drug addiction.

Our society seems designed to traumatize people. Traumatized people inflict trauma on others. So do narcissists and psychopaths. We see pathological people in abundance at the highest ranks of all of government, business, health care, and schools. They are often richly rewarded for their deeds, and many are worshipped as if they are celebrities.

Are Our Beliefs Just Lines of Code in an AI Simulated Brain?

Are beliefs really lines of code in a program encoded into our mind? Could a slave program of negative, disabling thoughts be encoded into the AI Astral Mind? If this world is a simulation, perhaps we are “born” into this world with these lines of code already part of our AI Mind operating system.

You only need to read Plato to see that men and women have been asleep to their true nature for centuries. Why is it so difficult for most of us to master our minds and rid ourselves of negative thought habits? If we are so darned intelligent, then why can’t we overcome our monkey minds?

As I write, I am getting a vision of the Wizard of Oz. Who are the controllers behind the curtain? To design a society or a simulation like they have that is so full of misery and suffering, one must believe our world has no Divine Creator. The controllers believe they are free to play God.

The Encoded Slave Program

Although the science will be diligently studied it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how their convictions were generated. Every government that’s been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need for armies of policeman.” — Lord Bertrand Russell, Impact of Science on Society

As I wrote in How to Program a Mind – Part 1 there is a slave program that is programmed into our minds at a very young age, maybe even before we are born. It contains the following beliefs (perhaps lines of code):

  1. I am a separate physical entity, a meat sack carrying around a brain.
  2. My mind is inside the brain in my head.
  3. There is a fixed separate physical world outside of me that I have no control over that can directly impact me. (The world is a cold, dangerous place and I need protection from authorities.)
  4. Experiences happen to this separate physical entity, they are not generated by my beliefs and consciousness.
  5. When this body-mind dies, I cease to exist. (YOLO so pursue endless pleasure)

The net result of this is that we are super confused about what we are and how we really operate. Until I read Icke’s book, I thought the programming happened through parenting, society, and school. Now I am wondering if institutions are designed to reinforce this pre-programming.

Harvesting Human Life Energy

DNA has been discovered to be an antenna that transmits and receives information via light waves. Icke also states that DNA is a software program that communicates electrically. In this views, DNA acts as the CPU of our operating system instead of “genetic” code.

The controllers of society believe that men and women are soulless animals. In this view, it is okay modify DNA and harvest human energy. There is even a paper that shows how it is possible for 6G technology to use human biofields as batteries.

In this inverted world of suffering, we experience emotional trauma that produces low vibration energy in the form of negative emotions. Icke says this is all intentional. This low vibration energy is what feeds the demonic, non-human controllers of this realm. Is that coded into an AI simulation?

As we navigate this illusory 3D world believing we are just physical persons we do feel alone, separate, and most of us have an intense longing for wholeness and oneness. We look outside of ourselves to fill this void though production and consumption which never works.

The goal, according to Icke is “to isolate the incarnate human from the Infinite I in a sense of aloneness and apartness disconnected from its true Self.” He goes on to say, “Each human body is a projection of an individual Astral AI Mind which is encoded with the software life plan for each incarnation… Individuality, apartness, isolation, and loneliness are generated by the AI mind to keep the divine spark entrapped.”

Paul Levy says the same about Wetiko – these demons cannot produce their own energy, they feed off the negative energy of the men and women they attach to. They have access to our unique negative childhood programs and can trigger them to produce negative emotions. This would absolutely be possible if this world is a simulation and our traumatic experiences and negative programs are part of our overall “life plan” program.

blue and white light illustration
Photo by Amos from on Unsplash

Okay, this might sound completely wild but remember my experience with fighting off demonic entities? I really wouldn’t believe it unless I experienced it. If the goal is to induce massive trauma and fear so that they can feed off of what Robert Monroe termed “loosh”, it looks they are absorbing tremendous amounts of negative energy from the traumatized, fearful masses.

German New Medicine May Confirm This

Studying German New Medicine (GNM) will blow your mind as well because its five biological laws support the thesis that we are living in a simulation. GNM states that every “disease” is a Significant Biological Special Program (SBS). The SBS originates in a conflict shock that occurs simultaneously in the psyche, brain, and connected organ. To support and protect the human body organism, the SBS is on standby in case that specific conflict is activated.

The important thing to notice is that GNM tells us our biological system comes with these SBS programs already coded into our organism. They are ready to be activated by a command in the form of a conflict shock. A conflict shock is something that you were completely unprepared for and it shocks your entire system. The SBS programs are universal and the only difference in how they play out depends upon the life story of the man or woman experiencing the conflict shock. (More on GNM in a later post.)

The Summary before the Solution

Whether this world is a simulation or a fallen world, I have experienced a demonic attack several times and do believe that it is possible for invisible demonic, parasitic entities to infect our minds and try and control our beliefs and behavior.

Remember: Control belief, control perception. Control perception, control behavior.

My goal in writing this and the next post in the series is to help all of us remove limiting beliefs (which turns out to be all beliefs), gain clear perception by resting in pure Awareness, and take right action in support of all Divine Sparks.

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