Self-Knowledge and Mind Mastery

I spent most of my life trying to improve Caprice and her life. This led to much frustration, self-doubt, and suffering. As I became clear that Caprice is NOT who I really am, I realized that I am far greater and more powerful than I could have imagined. However, as this new realization emerged, I continued to bounce between my old “self” and this new, awakened consciousness.

If you continue to struggle and suffer, despite years on the “self-help” treadmill, a coaching conversation with Caprice can reveal the unexamined beliefs and ideas that are blocking your innate peace, happiness, and fulfillment. This simple shift of perspective dissolves all problems and opens us to new capacities and opportunities. This awakening to our true identity is available to you right now.

My intention is to facilitate a big and noticeable improvement in the well-being and quality of life of every man and woman that I work with. As your identity changes, you will notice that your experience changes and problems dissolve because these are all projections of who you believe that you are.

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