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Shadow Alchemy with Gitte Lassen

Shadow Alchemy Overview

Gitte Lassen, a business coach to spiritual coaches, explains how focusing on energy mastery has created miraculous results in her life. Learn how she want from a broke spiritual seeker, to a powerful coach making over $100,000 per month. Gitte shares the exact tools that she used to create this miraculous transformation. 

Ideas we discuss:  

  • There are 8 archetypal energies that are either creating miracles or disasters in your life.
  • We have been trained to operate from survival consciousness
  • We cannot create what we want when our desires are polluted by shadow. 
  • Shadow Alchemy moves us into thriving consciousness by alchemizing our shadows. 
  • How to do Shadow Alchemy to turn energy into matter. 

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Book mentioned: The Dark Secret by Lorna Johnson

Shadow Alchemy Show Highlights

1:40: Every person wants a magical life, wants to know that magic is real, and how to create magic. 

2:15: Gitte started her empowerment journey in the 1980s and has always been in search of Truth. She has always wanted to create magic on demand. She learned the power of speaking the unfiltered Truth.

8:39: What most people call truth is just human opinion. Truth is a spiritual truth, it is impersonal. Our birthright is to live in Truth, so there is an instant recognition of it because we are spiritual beings on a human journey. 

11:00: Shadow Alchemy was created by Lorna Johnson who was inspired by the work of Carl Jung and Carolyn Myss. Her genius was to pair four archetypes. Half of each is a lie and the other half is the Truth.

12:17: The three levels of life mastery: 1) symptoms/behaviors; 2) causes (childhood trauma, PTSD, past life experiences, learned behavior). Most self-help modalities deal with these two levels. 

14:18: Shadow Alchemy works with archetypes which carry codes of consciousness. Shadow alchemy removes the survival archetypes from our consciousness and replaces them with thriving consciousness. When this upgrade of our operating system happens, it is easy to make money. 

18:00: Shadows create all the struggles in your life.

19:30: Gitte had $115,000 in sales last month without marketing. Our birthright is to live from the thriving operating system. 

21:10: Everything in the world is set up to get other people’s approval. Victim consciousness is that you cannot survive without approval.

23:00: With a truth rant, you shatter the shadow and allow the energy to escape into the light. With Shadow Alchemy, there is an end to your issues. Strive for the Tone of Truth so that the whole universe will organize itself to deliver what you desire. It will give you chills. 

31:00: The Four Archetypes: Start with the Prostitute/Lover Channel. Prostitute – value other people’s approval over self. Lover: I value my dream more than other people’s approval and willing to pay the price. What matters most to you?

34:50: Child/Sovereign Channel. Child wants to dream and fantasize, but not take responsibility. Lots of people are stuck in Child archetype and this is what Law of Attraction teachers. The Sovereign is where the Lover’s dream takes responsibility for making the dream happen. This channel is about innate power. When you step into Sovereign, you declare that this is how I want my life to be and I have the power to create it. Sovereign is the Truth speaker. Nobody else’s journey matters so no reason to compare yourself to others. I create my own reality, completely and separately. 

41:20: The whole point of Shadow Alchemy is to free our genius into the world. Rise out of victim consciousness and out of survival consciousness. 

43:00: Victim/Warrior channel. The Victim is concerned with fairness and justice. Social activists operate from Victim consciousness because they are claiming that someone has more power over a person’s life than they do. Anger is a sign that you are in your victim. If no one has power over you, then it doesn’t matter what they do. The Warrior radiates power. The Victim always in reaction from a place of powerlessness, so tries to force and bully. The Warrior always stands still in his power, and from that still point, takes the action that needs to happen to move towards the goal. All health issues are Victim consciousness. The Warrior is the master of physical space and resources. 

47:00: The Warrior brings in clients and resources. The warrior radiates out energy to attract clients and takes inspired action. The victim is energetically passive and the warrior is energetically active.

48:30: The Saboteur/Magician channel. The Saboteur is dull, numb, no creativity and wants to figure everything out. This is the channel that deals with Time. We have all been trained to think and figure things out, take life seriously, plan it out, figure it out. There is no place for magic with the Saboteur. Magic has been schooled out of us. 

50:40: The Magician is the part of our psyche that is least human and closest to our soul. It exists outside of time and space. The Magician knows exactly how to manifest your desire and comes to you through your intuition which is spiritual intelligence. It is magical, but not logical. They don’t pay attention to their intuition so don’t get what they want. 

53:30: The Victim doesn’t like the hard work. The Warrior takes precise action from your intuition. It’s not more action that tips it but precise action guided from your intuition. 

55:00: The dark contains our true genius in our shadows. Shadow Alchemy shatters the shadows to release genius. You become someone who can turn energy into matter at will. We are all meant to be true spiritual beings. 

57:00: Once you really get that you are a spiritual being, not a human, this is how manifestation becomes easy. Money becomes a very nice side effect. 

58:40: You decide your worth and value. It doesn’t depend on results. 

59:00: How manifestation really works. 

62:00: If you are willing to settle for something less, you will not get what you desire. If your desire is polluted with shadow it is hard to manifest. 

65:00: There are a lot of wealthy people who are not nice. They are covered in shadow. Will can overcome a lot of things but there is a great cost to it. 

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