a 3-Week Exploration Leading to Hope, Happiness, and Vitality




Caprice Thorsen

Starts February 3rd 2020

Soul-Directed Living is a seriously playful exploration of how to live from a place of peace and happiness no matter what is going on in your life. 

If you are feeling discouraged, burned out, or anxious, then this coaching experience is for you. Peace of mind is your birthright. It doesn’t come to you once you make $$$ or hit some external milestones.

Somewhere along the way, human society created institutions that cause great suffering. Our souls get crushed in school and then we struggle to reclaim our wisdom and wholeness. We’ve been conditioned by school to fear the world and hate ourselves. It’s time to reclaim your freedom and live a soul-directed life. It’s your birthright. 

Beginning on the 3rd of February 2020, we’ll meet online four days a week — Monday through Thursday at 8am pacific/11am eastern/4pm UK for three consecutive weeks. I will introduce some transformative ideas and then we’ll spend the rest of our time together using your own experiences in school and life to shift how you see yourself and the world.

Here’s what we will be exploring together:

Week 1: Breaking the Trance of Fear

Society has trained you to be fearful and insecure. Now you’re wondering why you are not happy or content. Did you do something wrong? Is there something wrong with you? Do you believe that you need to be better or different in order to feel okay? 

In week one, we will explore the myths of schooling and break the trance that this worldview has over you.

Week 2: Playing the Real Game of Life

You have been conditioned to strive and seek — always waiting and hoping that you will achieve enough to finally feel okay and give yourself permission to love yourself. They told us that this is the path to success and happiness. We are trained to react to the outside world – other people, situations, experiences. They told us that’s how it works. 

We’ve been fooled into believing that the outside world makes us happy (or sad, angry, upset). You innocently believe that, if the world matched your preferences you’d be happy. If you could attract or manifest the perfect job, body, house, partner, etc. all of your problems would go away. By becoming aware of your thoughts, emotions and sensations without giving life to all of them, you become free to enjoy every moment of life. 

In Week Two, we explore how life looks and feels when we stop striving and seeking. 

Week 3: Switching to Your Spiritual Operating System

We go through life innocently relying on our human operating system. We believe that we are like a camera taking pictures of the outside world and reacting to it. This is living life from the outside in. When we switch to our spiritual operating system, we realize that we are projectors and what we see on the outside world is a mirror of what we are projecting from the inside. This is living life from the inside out.

When you stop looking for love and security outside of yourself, you can relax into your natural state of being: love, peace, joy. Love isn’t something that you DO. Love is something that you BE.

In Week Three, we explore what it looks and feels like to navigate life from our spiritual operating system. 

How it Works

  • We’ll meet by videoconference for an hour Monday through Thursday each week day at 8am PT / 11am  ET / 4pm UK starting on Monday February 3rd.
  • All sessions will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to the audio recordings.

Dates: February 3 to February 20.

Cost$129 (Early-bird special offer – $99 until the 15th of January)

Her style is such that she can expertly pull out of you the answers and path that are true for you and your situation. .
Sorel Norlin Testimonial
Sorel Norlin
Caprice's guidance provided the boost I needed to 'walk taller', with more confidence in myself. Thank you Caprice!
Gerry Wendel Testimonial
Gerry Wendel
Powerful! What a gift Caprice's coaching is. Her experience in the corporate world is invaluable - she is a great sounding board for tough business challenges. One of my big takeaways is: be positive, be confident, and get it done.
Louis Sands
I have now taken back control of my life. Having balance between work, family and fun is now paramount to me. My relationship with my wife is now better than ever.

And I was able to create for myself a career where I am excited and having fun, and making more money than I ever have – yet at half the time away from the family as my previous corporate life. Most importantly, I learned that I am not “my position” or “my job”. I am a happy, loving man who enjoys life much more fully.

My wife now refers to me as “NewFred.com” because the change is so remarkable. Thank you for the changes you helped me to create in my life. Our time together was worth so much more than the cost of the service. I will recommend you to everyone I can.​
Fred Caminite Testimonial
Fred Caminite