Soul-Directed Learning

Let’s do a thought experiment. Consider the following questions:

What if….

  • You are given a life to grow a soul.
  • Your soul chose to come into this lifetime to learn certain lessons.
  • You knew your soul’s calling when you were in Kindergarten.
  • You forgot your soul’s calling by the time you got out of high school.
  • Your unique learning process is aligned with your soul’s calling.

How would you design K-12 education differently if all of these were true?

I won’t pretend to know something that is unknowable. I only have my direct experience. You must determine what is true for you.

And asking these questions will not hurt anyone. Hopefully, they will expand your understanding of what it is to be human and how the human learning process works.

Every human is unique and every human learns differently. There is no one “correct” way to learn. Observing my two daughters and myself learn proves this. One daughter is a right-brain visual-spatial learner. My other daughter learns with words and her body – talking, reading and moving. I learn by doing and taking copious notes when reading.

Only 5% of people learn the way that school is designed to teach. The rest of us struggle mightily to try and make it through – either in boredom or confusion.

Scientific Materialism vs. Quantum Physics

What if the scientific materialism that is the foundation of our school systems doesn’t apply to learning?

Learning happens in our inner world – a non-material world that cannot be reduced to it’s smallest parts or objectively measured.

I believe that one of the most destructive aspects of the schooling model is that it focuses on programming brains (the physical matter) and ignores the mind, emotions, intuition, creativity, imagination, and soul’s calling – all non-material elements that cannot be observed and measured but are real.


I am working on a project that will instill confidence in the hearts of teens as they discover their unique gifts, talents and soul’s calling. We guide them to reverse engineer their education to fit with their dreams and highest aspirations.