Soul Matters in Education

Soul Matters in Education focuses on the importance of the inner life of children in both parenting and education. Caprice had the honor of reading the pre-publication manuscript of her good friend, Ellen Hall, to discuss her new book, Soul Matters in Education.

Ellen is a master teacher and former Principal of Oak Grove School, a Krishnamurti school in Ojai, CA. Ellen started and ran an alternative high school, founded the California Teachers College, and was Executive Director at Meditation Mount. She also was on the City Council of Ojai and served as Mayor.

Ideas we discuss:

  • How kids thrive
  • Every child comes with a calling and purpose
  • How we see children affects their whole lives
  • Classrooms are designed to keep the soul out
  • Teachers tend to their own souls first
  • School focuses only on the intellect
  • What children want more than anything
  • How to stop bullying

Learn why the inner life of children is so important in education. We ignore the souls of children at our own peril.

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