Deprogram Your Soul


If you are feeling like a victim of a fixed, external reality, this course is for you. If you are fearful of a dark, dystopian future, this is for you.

Human beings are intelligent, feeling, and creative beings who CREATE REALITY.

Post-modern society has programmed us to fear death and worship money. It is time to break free from this man-made inner prison and claim our divine inheritance: Peace, Love, Truth, and Beauty – our natural state of being which is complete freedom. Psychological, creative, legal, and financial freedom is waiting for you.

Claim your birthright. Join this 8 week online course to set your free from social and psychological conditioning. (You will have full access to it for 1 year.)

Freedom is waiting for you. It is your birthright.


Please note: This course is offered with a suggested donation of $250. If this is too far out of your reach during these crazy times, send me a note explaining what you can afford and I will work with you to offer a discount. I want this to be available to everyone who is called to it.