Self Directed Education


Self Directed Learning is How We are Designed to Learn!

In this 9-week self-paced online course, you will be guided to understand how learning best happens and how you can optimize your home, homeschooling co-op, or alternative school for optimal learning and growth.

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Many families begin their homeschooling journey by trying to replicate school at home. This never works. For one thing, you don’t have the carrot and stick that schools and teachers use to force kids to do meaningless, boring, repetitive tasks. Even if you did, you wouldn’t want your kids wasting their time like this. 

Caprice has developed two self-directed learning charter schools, a self-directed learning community for ages 11 to 15, and a global coaching program for homeschooling families.

This inspiring and practical course shows you:

  • Why self-directed learning is the way that we are designed to learn.
  • How to design a self-directed learning environment either in your home or for a group.
  • Why trust is so important to the learning process.
  • How to put your son or daughter and their unique genius and interests at the center.
  • Why relationships and trust are key.

Course Curriculum

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