Unlock Your Hidden Genius: To Start a Business


In this 6-week online self-paced course, you will be guided to discover your gifts and talents and create a livelihood that makes you jump out of bed every morning excited for the day.

Create your business as the bold, all-knowing, loving being that you are. There is no struggle, fear, scarcity, or worry. Your strategic intuition will tell you what to do in every moment.  

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Now is the best time to start a business and grow it in the private away from government interference. 

We can no longer share our God-given gifts, talents, and energy with the corrupt systems that are trying to enslave us. 


This is an invitation to view your life and labor as sacred. When you understand that the Creator is unfolding creation through your life and labor, your livelihood becomes a precious gift. You realize that you are a powerful creator, not a powerless consumer.

This is in stark contrast to the current economy rooted in profits, competition, and exploitation. In the zero-sum economy, there are winners and losers based on the amount of paper money they accumulate. Human beings are viewed as “capital” to be used and exploited in the pursuit of profit for the winners.

What a sad way to view life. It’s time to claim our birthright: free, unlimited beings who use our creative powers to create a beautiful world for our children and grandchildren. Slaves no more.

The Materialist’s Way of Business Planning:

  • Money-driven – build a business to earn money, success, status, approval
  • Left-brained: Use only the limited faculty of intellect to design and build a business
  • Competitive – who are your competitors and how do you beat them?
  • Success measured solely by profit
  • The entrepreneur’s well being, health, and fulfillment not important

The Spirit-Guided Way of Building and Growing a venture:

  • Spirit-guided – build a business as the eyes, ears, heart, hands, and feet of a loving Creator who is shepherding Creation in every eternal moment
  • Inspired and Intuitive: you allow life to live through you and guide you as you assume a loving, generous universe that supports your impersonal desires
  • Cooperative – life and nature are cooperative, and you are an indivisible part of life and nature
  • Success is not measured as a thing, it is reflected in your effortless joy
  • Your innate happiness and peace is your inner GPS as you build and grow your product or service

It is not necessary to have a complicated, lengthy plan. In fact, that will keep you distracted and not in action. So, let’s get started. And remember, please don’t get too serious. Seriousness is the enemy of creativity. Let your creative impulses guide you and keep your heart open so that you are connected to your intuition.

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