Individual Coaching Testimonials

Powerful! What a gift Caprice’s coaching is. Her experience in the corporate world is invaluable - she is a great sounding board for tough business challenges. One of my big takeaways is: be positive, be confident, and get it done.
Freeman Louis Sands
Caprice's guidance provided the boost I needed to 'walk taller', with more confidence in myself. Thank you Caprice!
Gerry Wendel Testimonial
Gerry Wendel
Her style is such that she can expertly pull out of you the answers and path that are true for you and your situation.
Sorel Norlin Testimonial
Sorel Norlin
I have now taken back control of my life. Having balance between work, family and fun is now paramount to me. My relationship with my wife is now better than ever.

And I was able to create for myself a career where I am excited and having fun, and making more money than I ever have – yet at half the time away from the family as my previous corporate life. Most importantly, I learned that I am not “my position” or “my job”. I am a happy, loving man who enjoys life much more fully.

My wife now refers to me as “” because the change is so remarkable. Thank you for the changes you helped me to create in my life. Our time together was worth so much more than the cost of the service. I will recommend you to everyone I can.​
Fred Caminite Testimonial
Fred Caminite

Organizational Coaching Testimonials

Caprice handled extremely sensitive concerns with discretion and good judgement. Her ability to frame and quantify complex issues helped us put together a plan that was both simple and actionable. I recommend Caprice to other companies without hesitation.
Tim Furey
President & CEO, MarketBridge
Caprice has the unique ability to understand both the strategic, financial side of business and the human side of business.
Terrie Lupberger
Former President, Newfield Network
I was continually impressed with Caprice’s leadership, tenacity, resourcefulness, and public speaking skills.

She demonstrated true entrepreneurship and a broad base of skills in finance, operations, marketing, and fundraising. Not only is Caprice highly professional, she is also caring and personable.
Ellen Hall
Founder & President, Alma Education International
Caprice Thorsen is a very creative and capable person who brings both highly evolved intellectual capacities and well-developed emotional intelligence to whatever she does.

She recognizes and understands complex systems well and can create and facilitate elegant, effective activities and programs within complex systems. She is also possessed of evolved leadership skills so that she can successfully lead a variety of teams flexibly and efficiently in a way that brings out the best in her colleagues and supporters.

Ms. Thorsen is both a visionary and a pragmatist. He has that rare combination both of seeing potentialities and possibilities and of attending to the essential details and routines that every project eventually demands. Ms. Thorsen was always reliable, responsible, creative, a leader and a team player.
David Marshak
Former President, SelfDesign Graduate Institute
Caprice has the self-agency and integrity to work virtually and perform at a high level. She has served as a cross-functional team lead on many program development projects and independently on business strategy and development projects.

Caprice’s deep understanding of business and experience as an entrepreneur has been instrumental in shifting our organization to a customer-facing one that designs learning programs with student and parent needs at the center. Her leadership style is collaborative and inclusive, bringing out the best in all her team members. She challenges and supports team members to continually learn, grow, and exceed their own personal expectations. Her training as a professional coach enables her to navigate smoothly through difficult interpersonal situations.

Caprice is a delight to work with and is continually positive, proactive, and delivers high-quality results on time and in the stated budget. She demonstrates a keen understanding of finance, business strategy, organizational development, product design, and program management.
Amber Papou
Executive Director, SelfDesign Learning Foundation