The Solution

Understanding the Difference Between Education and Schooling. 

If you clearly understood the difference between learning, education, and schooling, would you make different choices for yourself and your children?

Since 1852, when Massachusetts passed the first Compulsory Education Law based upon the Prussian model, learning has been taken from the realm of natural human experience and replaced by schooling. It is time to re-claim or natural birthright: learning.

Creating a Network of Flex Spaces

People of all ages want to discover their unique, individual gifts and how to share them with the world in a way that other people value. This is conscious entrepreneurship. A child of 7 wants to be viewed as a gift to her community in the same way teenagers and adults do.

Let’s develop a network of Flex Spaces that combine the best of co-working spaces, makerspaces, lean startup, and business incubators. The focus will be on CREATING our learning experiences and lives, not on CONSUMING curriculum. People want to MAKE things. They want to make science experiments, movies, books, stories, clothing, food, dolls, toys, electronics, computer games, board games. And they want to PLAY. And CONNECT.

Are you interested in having a Flex Space in your community?

Join us!

“I would have no problem with school if it involved choice. If it allowed students to choose if they wanted to go there, choose what they learn and choose who their teachers are.” – Brent Cameron, author of SelfDesign


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