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The War for Our Attention

If you are open-minded and paying attention, it is hard to ignore the fact that we are in the midst of an invisible war. Some say it is a spiritual war. Others say it is an information war. I agree with both ideas. And that it is primarily a war for our attention. Why? Because our attention and intention are our most powerful tools in our creativity and creation toolbox.

The dark energies that are trying to control this world are desperate for us to believe their narrative, so they inundate us with crazy propaganda. By keeping our attention focused on the problems of the world, we innocently make these problems real and intractable.

I am not suggesting that you put your head in the sand and just continue with life as usual. There is nothing usual about life in 2022.

I am inviting you to educate yourself about what is really going on, without scaring yourself. It is dark and unbelievable what is going on. But then, you must turn away from the human drama and start creating the reality that you desire. It is up to those of us who know what is going on to step into our full spiritual power and conjure up a new reality.

We can do it. But not on the physical plane. We must begin in partnership with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit animates all life and is the force behind all creation. It emanates from God as intelligent, creative energy. It animates you and you are never separate from the Holy Spirit – unless you assume yourself to be.

The Power of Assumptions

One of the great teachers of the Law of Assumptions was Neville Goddard. Studying his work ignited the flame of truth within me. Basically, the Law of Assumptions is:

Whatever you assume to be true will show up in your life as truth. Yes, you are that powerful. The world that you live in is a direct reflection of your deeply held assumptions.

You are the Master Magician who conjures that which you are now conscious of being.

The tricky part of all of this is that these assumptions were programmed into you by society and the collective consciousness before you were 7 years old. Lots of these assumptions look like “just the way things are” to you. Its the water that you, the fish, swim in. Unfortunately, the cultural water we all swim in is toxic and polluted with false and dangerous assumptions. My intention here is to shine the light on the collective assumptions we have been given about our identity and the nature of reality. I will also share some of the individual assumptions that we collect along the journey of life.

You may think that changing your assumptions is hard work. It can be if you are merely putting new assumptions on top of old assumptions as a pretty cover. That won’t work. You need to first understand that power of assumptions, see how they create the conditions of your life, and then sincerely want to replace these faulty assumptions with Truth.

Beliefs are Never True

When I experience Truth, I get goosebumps or Godbumps all over my body. That is my litmus test for truth.

Most of the ideas we believe are not true. How do I know? Truth is universal. If someone holds a belief and another person holds an opposite belief, then neither belief can be true.

What is Truth? The only 100% Truth that we all share is that: 1) I am aware; 2) I exist; and 3) I would rather exist than be dead.

Your I AM is God. We are continually turned away from resting in the aware beingness of I AM by endless propaganda and fear porn that our restless, bored, infantile ego soaks up. It is time to ascend beyond the 3rd dimensional ego and into 5th dimensional aware beingness which is love, beauty, truth, and peace. It is also impersonal and unconditioned by thought, feelings, beliefs, and assumptions.

I am made of a formless liquid light that crystallizes into form through my consciousness which is guided by my assumptions.

We continue to fumble around in darkness, failing to realize what Jesus told us over and over again, “I AM the light of the world.”

As Neville Goddard tells us, “Consciousness is the vine and that which you are conscious of being is as branches that you feed and keep alive.”

Collective Assumptions

The collective assumptions that we have been given about our awareness, our existence, and our connection to the whole are ignorant, faulty, and destructive. Below are some of the main assumptions that power our society.

  • There is no God. But, if there is…God created this world then just stepped aside.
  • You are just a material body that will die.
  • Consciousness comes from the brain and has no creative power.
  • You are being controlled by subconscious and unconscious processes beyond your reach.
  • Group identity and compliance are more important than individual creativity.

What Do You Assume Your Self to Be?

You will never transcend your current situation as long as you assume yourself to be a small, powerless, physical being.

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