Two Species of People

World Chaos Explained: Two Species of People

The chaos that we are witnessing can be explained in one sentence: psychopaths are on the offensive against unaware, altruistic, often ignorant (ignoring truth) humans. This is a war for humanity’s soul. While there are psychopaths acting on their own for personal gain, there is also a group of psychopaths acting together to dominate and enslave humanity. 

The solution is non-consent. You have been carefully trained by society and its institutions to blindly obey authorities. I spoke about this in my blog, The Battle for Your Perception (and Soul).


Stop being obedient. Stand up for truth and love. 

Obeying authorities whose intention is to harm you is insane. You are not insane, you are just ignorant of the evil that lies under the surface. But it is bubbling up for you to see if you choose to take your blinders off. Let me explain…

There are Two Species of People

  1. Humans who have empathy, a conscience, and feel remorse if/when they lie.
  2. Non-humans who lack empathy, have an extremely impaired conscience and say whatever is convenient to get the results they want without any remorse. 

Empathy and a conscience make people human. Without these essential traits, people become non-human. 

Think about it. Think hard. If you can take actions that your intellect knows will harm people but a broken connection to your heart or soul prevents you from being able to empathize with their suffering, then you can do anything at all and there is no conscience to stop you. 

MRIs of psychopaths’ brains prove without a doubt that their brains are impaired in the areas where empathy and conscience dwell. So it is actually reasonable to state that there is a species of beings separate from humans.

World Chaos Explained: Two Species of People

This is what we are witnessing in the elite ruling group of non-humans. This is all a sick game for them. And it is time for all of us flawed, empathic humans with a conscience to throw aside our ignorance and stand up. To stand up against the tyranny of the psychopaths. To withdraw our consent immediately. 

The problem is that humans with empathy and a functioning conscience have a hard time conceiving that there are people walking around without these essential traits. 

I used to be ignorant. Until I woke up. It took a personal earthquake to awaken me out of my ignorance. I have super-traits that put me off the charts on empathy, compassion, loyalty, trust, and resourcefulness. I used to believe that everyone operated the way I did, which was essentially to create a better world and act from love and kindness.

Not so, my friends. 

Let’s Name the Dark Species

So, let’s come up with another term for the non-humans. Let’s call them Darkness. 

Science backs up my claim. The website states, “Approximately 70% of the population is estimated to have no psychopathic traits whatsoever. The remaining 30% have low, medium, or high levels of psychopathy.” High rates of psychopathy have been found in 1% of people in the United States. And a study has found that 4% of corporate professionals in America have high levels of psychopathy. 

There is a PCL-R test for psychopathy, but it can be gamed and even the foremost authorities on psychopathy have trouble detecting psychopaths. They are sicker than we are smart. And sociopath is just a less-scary sounding word for psychopath. It is the same disorder. 

Why We Don’t Recognize Darkness

Psychopathy is positively correlated with charisma. This doesn’t mean that all charismatic people are psychopaths, but it does provide a clue to how psychopaths hide in plain site. American pop culture reveres powerful, charismatic self-promoters.

We do not recognize psychopaths in our midst because we have been mistakenly led to believe that they all look like Charles Manson and are violent. This is completely false. Here is the truth:

According to, “Psychopathy is a very common mental disorder. It is twice as common as schizophrenia, anorexia, and bipolar disorder. It is equally common as bulimia, panic disorder, and autism.”

So, if we look at the world with the understanding that 1% are extreme psychopaths and 20% lack empathy and have an impaired conscience, the chaos we are experiencing makes complete sense. 

Do Not Fear Psychopaths

We do not need to fear psychopaths. They are weak. They are empty shells. Psychopaths feed off our fear, anger, and all negative emotions. They love drama. I know from personal experience. 

Love is the strongest force in the universe. We will not win a war against them. The point is not to go toe-to-toe with them. We just need to raise our vibration to love and peace and withdraw our consent. 

Psychopaths do not have access to universal intelligence. You do. You access it by connecting with your heart center. There are more neurons in your heart than in your brain. You are connected to the all-knowing intelligence that powers the universe. Psychopaths aren’t. This wisdom will guide you moment by moment if you put your ego and personality aside and listen.

We can stop funding their evil deeds and war campaigns. This has nothing to do with politics. In fact, the political theater that they are sponsoring is distracting us from what is really going on: Darkness vs. Humans. It is not liberals vs. conservatives. There are psychopaths running both sides of the political drama. You can see this. It is in plain sight. 

Take Right Action Immediately

You may be aware of what is going on and feeling helpless to stop it. Or this might have been your wake up call. Take right action immediately. It’s simple. It starts with you. 

Practice Radical Self-Care: Go out in the sun to increase your Vitamin D level, avoid processed food especially food with glyphosate, drink clean water, sleep well, play, and love the earth. 

Bank Local: The one action you can take that will have the most positive, immediate impact is: put your money in a local community bank. Take your money out of any bank that is part of the private Federal Reserve bank which is controlled by international banksters. The Fed is a central mechanism of the psychopathic cabal. 

Buy Local: You understand that the small business down the street is more essential to your community than the big multinational corporation, even if you can get 2-hour delivery. You know which corporations are being run on love and which are fueled by greed and greenwashing. 

Support Your Local Farmer: Supporting your local farmers is essential in this battle for humanity’s soul. Stop buying produce from 1000s of miles away and support your local farmer. And grow your own food. Learn to save seeds. 

Here is an excellent, and more thorough guide on Coming Clean from the Solari Report.

Small steps. Big results.

We can do this fellow humans! Stand up! Withdraw your Consent!

With Love, Caprice

P.S. If this resonates with you, please share it widely. 

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