Myers Briggs Test

You are Not Your Myers Briggs Test Result

Don’t Let a Myers Briggs Test Result Define You

I never do a Myers Briggs personality test with my coaching clients. Why? Most people are an ambivert – meaning that they are an extrovert in certain situations and an introvert at other times. Also, when you get your Myers Briggs Type, you limit yourself to being that way. 

We all have personality tendencies, but our personality is not who we really are. Watch the video below as I explain that your personality (Avatar) is an agent of consciousness. You are an activity of consciousness, not a separate entity. This is great news! This is the end of self-help, striving, and struggling. 

I will do a Hexaco personality assessment with my coaching clients to determine if they are a likely target for a dark personality disorder. I find this to be much more useful than a Myers Briggs Test. People who are excessively agreeable and conscientious are often preyed upon by dark predators. 

As I said in the video above, your personality is a tool for your infinite BEING it is not who you are. If you want to learn more, schedule an initial consultation. 

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