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Before College Do This!

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“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

“What college do you want to go to?”

These questions fill most teens and their parents with self-doubt and fear. The picture of someone flipping burgers or begging for change comes to mind.

At Zonetropy, we believe:

  1. College is a great choice for people who have some extra $$, love academics, or know that this is a required step on their chosen path.

The world has changed dramatically since the 1980s and 1990s when I was in college and graduate school… Yet we pretend that it hasn’t. College tuition has skyrocketed and income has stagnated.


It is no longer a safe bet to invest in college, emerge with a lot of debt and hope to get a job that pays you enough to pay off that debt. Only degrees in engineering and healthy sciences have a guaranteed positive ROI.

2. Teenagers can create and build things that matter.

Now is the time to learn how to innovate, invent, and create. When they are young, energetic and wired to do so. Life is not supposed to be a dull, routine competition or a unbearable juggling act. There is more to life than grades, student debt, and hoping for a job.

Let’s give teens real training and real work – not make work.

3. With education and support, anyone can be an innovator, inventor, creator, entrepreneur or solopreneur.

  • Discover your WHY
  • Connect with your TRIBE
  • Create your UNIQUE THING
  • Build SOMETHING that Matters

We believe that teenagers can create things that matter.

Become a powerful innovator so that you can be self-employed, build a company, travel, or pay for college.

Be an entrepreneur so that when you are older, you CAN have work that you love and time with your children. You don’t need to put them in day care when they are 6 weeks old so that you can go back to a boring, soul-sucking job.

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